Worthbuy Cotton Pads Holder Cosmetic Organizer - White

1. This swab holder features 3 different compartments and a dustproof lid to keep the items neat and clean. The opening in the front allows you to take the cotton pads out with ease. The crystal clear design makes it a stylish decor for your bedroom, bathroom, office, drawer, and dresser.

2. Designed as a compact organizer to keep your small items well organized. This cotton pads holder also function in the office space to hold items such as keys, paper clips, name cards, staples and more!

3. The cotton pad holder keeps 100+ cotton pads and 60+ swabs and other small makeup essentials like cotton balls, lipsticks all in 1 place!

4. Tip dispenser is made of eco-friendly, odor free and shatter-resistant acrylic plastic for long-lasting use without discoloring. It's super easy to clean with a wipe.

5. The cotton pad storage jar is perfectly size for holding cotton swabs, cotton balls, makeup pad, cosmetics, and other bathrooms accessories.

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Size:14cm x 10cm x 11cm

Product: Jewelry Box

Feature : Cosmetic Organizer

Brand new and high quality

Save counter space in your room

Unique design for convenient handling and packing

It's able to hold many cosmetics such as Varnish Bottle, Lipsticks, and so on

The Attractive design favored by the most beautiful female