X4200 INSPECT a GADGET LED Desk Mount Magnifier 3 Diopter 56 High Brightness, Warm White LEDs LED DESK MOUNT MAGNIFIER

Desk Mount LED Magnifier

New LED high brightness models provide a clear crispview with low power consumption, less heat & longer life. Possibly the most useful device you could have in your workshop! They help to reduce eye strain when working on complex PCBs etc. Manufactured utilising 56 high brightness,warm white LEDs (colour temperature 3,5000 - 4,500k). This enables the lamp to maintain the colours of various objects as if illuminated by a natural light source.

Uses are not only limited to electronics, of course. They are also suitable for stamp and coin collectors, modelmakers, embroiderers, jewellers and the like. The 130mm magnifying head is easily set to virtually any desired position on its spring-loaded arm assembly. Simply clamps to your workbench or desk (up to 60mm thick).

Weight: 3.0730