Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter (Antibacterial) Official AU Stock

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter - Antibacterial Version

Antibacterial Rate up to 99%

Effective Filter for PM 2.5 Particles

Activated Carbon can Absorb Methanal

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter can effectively absorb methanal and PM2.5 particles in the air. It is coated with an antibacterial layer which can quickly and effectively kill bacteria and dust mites.

This filter is suitable for the Xiaomi Air Purifier, Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 and Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro.

The Filter protects you against the invisible bacteria in your room which can harm your family. These include environments such as:

  • Stuffy Rooms
  • Public Places with Large Populations
  • Environments with vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and children
  • Environments during infectious seasons.

Effective Bacteria-Killer

The Filter contains filter material with very high efficiency, designed to effectively intercept and kill any bacteria, mycete and mites.

It does this by:

First intercepting the bacteria,

Secondly inhibiting the nutrients that sustain bacteria growth.

And finally killing the bacteria as it is deprived of nutrients to sustain its growth.

Antibacterial rate: 99.9%

Anti-Mite Rate: 61%

Quadruple Purification Effect, effectively purifying the air

There are four layers, including the primary filter, antibacterial layer, high-efficiency filter material and activated carbon filter.

The Primary Filter intercepts the large particles. Made of polyester material, it has high strength and is resistant to deformation. It intercepts dust, paper, cotton fibre and hair.

The antibacterial layer effectively kills bacteria by inhibiting the nutrient transmission that enable bacteria growth. It has effectiveness in eliminating mycete, bacteria and mites.

The High-Quality Activated Carbon ensures that methanal, odour and pollutant are effectively guarded against. The activated carbon has excellent absorption ability.

Leading Performance

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Antibacterial Filter has excellent performance. This filter may be used for one year.

Note: It is suggested that the filter be replaced every 3-6 months as the absorbed particles and chemical substances may cause secondary contamination as the usage time increases. The associated app will remind when replacement would be required.