Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush Head (3-pack,regular)

  • High-density DuPont bristle
  • Rust-free and metal-free
  • 3D design fitting teeth

3pcs Xiaomi Sonic Electric Toothbrush HeadsGentle oral care, brushing your teeth healthier and cleaner- Rust-free and metal-free planting brush

  • 40pct planting quantity improved
  • 3D design fitting teeth
  • American DuPont premium bristle

Mini Head with Big FunctionRust-free and Metal-free Planting- Unlike the common brush head made from metal planting hair, the Xiaomi Brush Head adopting the high-density metal-free planting technique, which well solves the rust problems from the contacting between toothpaste and metal brush

Flexible Brush, High Efficient CleanThe bristle quantity is increased ± 40%- With the advanced brand new planting techniques, the bristle quantity is increased by 40% cooperating with the flexible head to reach the hard-to-reach interdental areas, so as to meet various daily oral clean needs

Closer to Teeth, Deeper Cleaning3D arc-shaped brush head design- Designed with 3D arc-shape, it is easy to clean the debris between the Interdental teeth and gums, better fitting on teeth and to clean in multi angles

Sanding Every Bristle for Gums Care- With sanding polished Mi Home brush bristle, top edge is rounding and approximately round for better avoiding from scratching the gums or damaging the teeth surface.

Selected Quality, Reliable Brush HeadAmerican DuPont Premium Bristle- Adopting selected American DuPont StaClean 0.152mm premium disinfection bristles, it owns the FDA certification. Additionally, Mi Home disinfects the brush. head with UV sterilization and vacuumed package to guarantee each brush head safe and clean

Considerate Reminder of 90 Days Replacement- Always forget to replace the brush head? Don't worry, Mi Home well solves the problem for you. It is easy to check the remaining lifespan of your brush head ( it will count down from 90 days ) and you can also purchase the new brush head just by clicking on the APP, more time-saving

Perfect Fit Insert Design, Easy to Install

  • Only to align the brush head with the press button, can you install it into the toothbrush handle with a certain gap between the two pieces