Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

- Freedom from cleaning - Spend more time doing the things you love and let your Viomi Robot Vacuum keep your floors perfect 24/7
- 2100pa suction - Enjoy a dust and dirt free floor all year round with this strong suction rating
- Viomi Smart mop - You'll have sparkling clean floors all day, every day with the attachable Viomi smart mop - Mop and vacuum at the same time
- Automatic scheduling - Set and forget, never vacuum again Give your Viomi a regular cleaning schedule with the Mi Home app
- 'No go zones' and 'Virtual walls' - Don't disturb the office or destroy the kid's amazing creations with app controlled 'No go zones' and 'Virtual walls'
- 5 Map memory - Got multiple stories or homes? Move your V3 around no worries, saving each map as you go
- Lidar mapping technology - For a smarter, and more efficient clean, your Viomi maps out your house using the latest in lidar technology
- 3200mAh Battery - You can clean an entire 2-bed, 1-bath house in one charge with this large battery
- Recharge and Resume - Got a bigger house? No worries, with the recharge and resume function, your V2 will get back to work right where it left off

3 Cleaning Modes, Meet Your Different Needs

  • Sweeping & mopping mode - More time saving with 2 in 1 water tank
  • Single sweeping mode - Long-acting suction with 550ml dust box
  • Single mopping mode - Silent drag with 550ml water tank

Support Cleaning and Mopping in One Time, Double Cleaning Effect

  • New 2 in 1 water tank
  • 2 kinds of professional lock water rags

Equipped with a newly designed large-capacity 2 in 1 water tank, the ratio of the dust box to the water tank is carefully adjusted to achieve a better endurance state, sucking away dust particles while mopping the ground, sweeping and mopping the floor to achieve double cleaning effect.

Repeated Two-way Wipe, Simulated Manual Cleaning

Viomi V2 Pro can simulate the manual cleaning method, and rubbing back and forth in both directions making the floor as clean as new

Smart Three-level Water Control System, Meet Different Floor Cleaning Needs

With powerful water control black technology, equipped with precision electronically controlled water tank and micro-controlled water pump, Viomi V2 Pro can accurately control the water output and sense the water state, better for the floor protection.

  • Smart electronic control water tank
  • 3 level of water adjustment
  • Micro control pump
  • Water output sensor

New Generation LDS Laser Navigation System, Intelligent Route Planning

Laser navigation intelligent planning, real-time construction of the whole house map

The range is farther, the speed of drawing is faster, the obstacle avoidance is more sensitive, and the collection range is wider, which makes me understand the environment

2100Pa Large Suction, Absort Dust Particles Easily

with 2100Pa Viomi V2 Pro can easily absorb ground dust, hair, rice, soybeans, steel balls and other large particles, and you just enjoy the comfort of bare feet walking on the floor

  • V-type glue integrated main brush
  • Dynamic speed control single side brush

2cm Obstacles Climbing Capability

2cm obstacles climbing capability, Viomi V2 Pro can become a small off-road tank, easily climb the threshold, carpet, rails, etc.

Mi Home APP, Remote Control the Cleaner Anytime Anywhere

Mi Home APP control, allows you to make an appointment for cleaning after you leave home and check the cleaning status in real-time

  1. Live Map - View cleaning status and path in real-time
  2. Area cleaning - Area cleaning can be delineated
  3. Position cleaning - Click to clean the dirty place
  4. Schedule cleaning - Regular cleaning every day

Automatically Divide the Room Cleaning, Timesaving and Laborsaving

After the first cleaning, Viomi V2 Pro will automatically identify the room and partition to save, you can merge and split the partition map and the named operation, in the subsequent cleaning, will be cleaned according to the room partition.

  • Room consolidation
  • Room division
  • Room naming
  • Designated room cleaning

Software Virtual Wall and Restricted Area Setting, Intelligent and Convenient

If you don't want Viomi V2 Pro to clean the area, you can add a software virtual wall through the Mi home APP. When it arrived in the area, it will automatically pass. You can also manually clear the restricted area, It will consciously avoid the restricted area to complete the cleaning, not to mess with you

  • Software virtual wall - Won't bother the workroom
  • Restricted area - Won't destroy the children's toy area.

12 Sets of Sensors, Easily Respond to Changing Environments

Equipped with 12 types of multidirectional sensors, Viomi V2 Pro can be sensitive to various complex environments, easily avoid obstacles, and more meticulously cover the home environment while protecting itself and the furniture

  • LDS laser ranging sensor LDS
  • Water tank in-position sensor
  • Dust box in-position sensor
  • Gyro
  • Accelerometer
  • Collision sensor touch switch
  • Recharge sensor
  • Cliff sensor
  • Electronic compass sensor
  • Odometer
  • Mop in-position sensor
  • Fan speed sensor

High-energy Configuration, All Aspects of Thoughtful Design

  • Brush equipped with a blade - Cutting curling hairs
  • Automatic return for charging - Shortest path quick docking for charging
  • Washable HEPA filter - Easy cleaning and durable to use

Xiaomi’s smart products are certified with Australian Standards where the best deals come complete with local warranty support and after-sales service for the best peace of mind

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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