Xlab Bike Shuttle Storage Stand Black/Red - Black

Unique Design Prevents Bike Damage
• No more leaning bike against walls that scrape your expensive saddle
• Allows bike to roll while keeping bike upright
• Design prevents pinching on tires and supports both sides of wheel evenly
• Plastic covers prevent damage to the spokes and derailleur
• No maintenance required
• Makes owning a bike so much easier
• Place bike into Shuttle and easily wheel outside for washing or lubing
• Holds bike very steady for pumping up tires
• Fits Road, Triathlon and Off-Road tires from 18 – 65mm in width
• Automatically adjusts to tire width
• Top quality Italian-made craftsmanship
• Highly durable wheels able to withstand 200+ pounds of weight each

• Weight:1.43 kg
• Colour: Black with red wheels and accents
• Construction: High strength alloy steel frame
• Wheel Width Compatibility: 18-65mm