XLab Hydroblade 828ml Aero Bottle Front Hydration System Black

When you stop feeling thirsty, that’s the time you need to drink even more water. That’s because the human body, when dehydrated, shuts off its thirst mechanism. With an XLab Hydroblade Aero Bottle Hydration System you can have water (or energy drinks) available as you cycle and avoid the annoying headaches, muscle fatigue and many other unpleasant effects of dehydration.

Carrying 828ml of life-saving fluids within easy reach you’ll enjoy the hands-free convenience of a front bar-mounted hydration system with wide mouth opening for easy refill on-the-go. It’s the most convenient, complete vertical hydration system available.

Easy to Drink From and Refill
• Enjoy hands-free drinking
• Sip from the straw while keeping your eyes on the road ahead
• NEW Click Cover! Designed with grippy pull-tab for easy opening
• Refill via Split Cap
• Insert bottle nozzle into aperture for fast, quick refill
• Comes with two cap styles!
• Also includes highly-acclaimed classic Torpedo Clear Cap
• Wide mouth opening makes mid-ride refills of tablets or powder a breeze
• Top-of-the-line bite valve decreases bloating by reducing air intake when sipping
• Flat bottom allows bottle to stand upright on counter when filled

Clean, Aerodynamic Design
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology
• Optimised aerodynamic shape to minimise system drag
• Flow straighteners molded in for added drag reduction

Highly-Acclaimed Megadjust™ Mounting
• Securely adjusts to widest range of cockpit configurations 80mm-160mm (centre-to-centre)
• Accommodates up to 20° of aerobar extension rotation

Secure Clip™ Brackets
• Suitable for 22.2 diameter aerobar extensions
• Clip easily onto aerobar extensions for a clean bike aesthetic
• Prevent bottle from rocking or tilting
• Eliminate the need for extra zip-ties, rubber bands or electrical tape

XLab Hydroblade 828ml Aero Bottle Front Hydration System Black


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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