Yeelight Wireless Charging Nightlight

Yeelight wireless charging night light

Mobile phone wireless charging, Magnetic night light illumination

Wireless fast charging/Split magnetic/LED night light/Protect eyes warm color temperature

Wireless mobile phone fast charging + night light lighting

Yeelight wireless charging night light innovatively combines the night light with the mobile phone wireless fast charge. One side supports mobile phone wireless fast cahrging, that is, it is ready to charge, eliminating the trouble of manual operation; the other side of the separate magnetic night light, to provide you with warm light.

Smart wireless fast charge

Support multiple devices for fast charging

Wireless fast charging design is safe and secure

Yeelight wireless charging night light, the motherboard security design uses overshoot protection and current and voltage regulation design to ensure charging safety. It can automatically identify metal materials such as keys and scissors, and automatically cut off power for foreign objects to avoid potential safety hazards.

*Please use a protective cover of less than 4mm and ensure that the protective cover does not contain metal material.

Warm and warm yellow light, to protect the night warm

Minimalist design, giving you stress-free companionship

Patented magnetic posotioning, automatic night light charging

Built-in polymer battery

The red indicator light is automatically turned off after the charging indicator is fully charged.

Ultra-thin charging base