Yonex VCore Pro 97 Matte Green (330g) Tennis Racquet

The Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (330g) is for aggressive players looking to dominate the point with heavier, faster shots overpowering their opponents crushing ball speed and extra bounce off of the court making shots more difficult to play.


  • Isometric head shape Yonex is known for the signature isometric head shape. This increases the sweetspot by 7% via the longer main and cross strings point of contact. Yonex suggest that a 97sq inch head size creates a sweet spot equal to a round-headed 104 sq inch head size racquet. Therefore you are able to achieve greater control without the loss of power.
  • Lock Booster system Yonex have developed a new system on the grommets that has more holes towards the top of the frame as well as the grooves to lock the string on ball impact, crushing the ball and producing more spin. The thick exterior grommet holes extend the cross string length for increased power.
  • NAMD Overpower with Heavy Drives. With NAMD graphite's unique flex and fast frame snapback, you can grip the ball and fire-off aggressive, attacking spin.
  • VDM Vibration dampening mesh (VDM) is a stretchy mesh material that adheres well to graphite to reduce arm fatigue. Integrated within the grip, VDM minimizes vibrations by 30% resulting in improved feel and precise ball control.
  • More Spin, More Speed, More Bounce Height Higher bounce due to greater spin and speed. Creates heavy drives with devastating power. +4.0% more Spin. +2.7% more Speed. +10cm more Bounce Height.

This racquet comes with a racquet sack.

Please note, if you choose a string option that requires us to string the racquet for you, we do not add the brand's stencil. Simply request it in the comments if you'd like it and we'll add it for free! If you order a pre-strung racquet this will include the brand stencil on the string bed.