You-Niverse Holographic Gem Jewellery Kit

Personalize your geek-chic style by creating and wearing trendsetting Holographic Gemstone Jewellery with the help of YOU*NIVERSE Science meets Style!

Simply mix together the featured SLIMYGLOOP, sparkling confetti, colourful foam balls and mold to create dazzling masterpieces! Pair your unique gemstones with tassels, sparkling cording or a gold chain to match your favourite outfit and show off your skills.

Suitable Ages: 6+ years.

  • Includes: 3 Gemstones, 2 Eyepins, 4 Containers of Slime (1oz) each, 1 Bag of Confetti (1g), 1 Glitter Shaker (1g), 2 Bags of Sequins, 5 Bags of Colourful Bead Balls (1g) each, 3 Tassels, 1 Chain, 1 Skein of Elastic Sparkle Cording (5yd), 2 Skeins of Satin Cord (1yd) each, 1 Educational Poster and Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • Suitable Ages: 6+ years.