YPL-Slim Sandy Massage Socks


Uniquely-designed socks that has a number for benefits!

  • With accu-point technology that provides optimum feet support.
  • Made with fast drying material.
  • Helps keep feet fresh for long periods.

ypl_banner.pngProduct Description

The YPL Slim Sandy Massage Socks is an innovative design that combines practicality and wellness. Made from granules, it provides accu-pressing sensation in your feet which in turns boosts blood circulation, metabolism and increases fat burning. The sandy texture helps get rid of dead skin cells, speeds up fat metabolism and raises energy.


Casual, Daily, Workout

About YPL

Australia's first seamless technological knitwear fashion trendsetter, YPL is adhering to the brand concept of "farewell to commonality and welcome to true therapeutic comfort". It brings high quality and comfortable wearing experience to individual body needs and shaper. YPL's core research and development team are from the world's top research institutes. They also implement the concept of science and technology in product development. YPL, a brand full of technology and vitality, is sought after by consumers in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.