Zanco Smart-Pen - black

Zanco Smart-Pen is great value at !

A Pen-size tiny phone

ZANCO S-Pen is the ultimate compact backup phone for travel, outdoor activities and emergency situations. Take it with you as a supplement to your primary smartphone. Bluetooth enabled and easy-to-use, pair it with your smartphone, when your smartphone rings the S-Pen rings. Perfect for a quick call or text via Bluetooth.

Dual camera

With dual cameras (front and back), S-Pen is great for capturing spontaneous moments, a quick selfie, or for times when using a larger camera is unnecessary. It's simple, discrete and ready at a click. Voice changer, Zanco S-Pen also support 13 different voices to bring more fun between you and your friends.

Laser precision

The top edge of the Smart Pen has a laser pointer which you can toggle on and off by pressing and holding the round multi-function button on the front center of the device. When used as a laser pen, it makes a convenient companion for meetings and is essential as a professional tool to support your important presentations.

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