ZOOB Z-Bricks - Red

If you like to play with ZOOB, and you like to play with Lego, you'll love playing with Z-Bricks! Specially designed to allow you to combine your ZOOB and brick creations, the ZOOB Z-Brick comes with 12 ZOOB connectors in 4 styles, with a brick bottom to connect with your favourite plastic bricks! A fun way to add extra life and movement to your model-making play!


  • ZOOB Z-Bricks Connect-to-Lego Kit
  • Pack contents:
    • 12 x ZOOB connectors
    • 18 x classic ZOOB pieces
  • Colour: Red
  • ZOOB pieces snap, click & pop together to form rotating joints, extending limbs, spinning axles & lots more!
  • Add life and movement to your brick creations!
  • Easily connect to all brands of classic plastic building bricks
  • Create simple models in minutes, or get absorbed for hours at a time
  • No limit to what you can build: animals to aliens, dinosaurs to DNA
  • Versatile: Unlimited open-ended building options
  • Intuitive: fast to learn & easy to use
  • Built-in educational value
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Boxed and ready for gift giving!
  • Recommended for ages: 6 years and up
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 25.4 (H) x 20.3 (W) x 7 (D)
  • Country of origin: N/A