ZUBITS(R) Magnetic Lacing Solution - grey

ZUBITS(R) Magnetic Lacing Solution is great value at !

Quick and easy

It is much easier to slip into than shoes with laces. No more tying, double knots or laces coming undone. You can also remove shoes hands-free. Just step on heel to pop out. No untying or picking at knots to get out anymore.

A clean looking shoe

Zubits closures give you a clean look without ugly floppy bows that come undone. No more loose laces. Keep the laces that go with your shoes, just lose the ugly bows.

re-use on new shoes

Zubits magnets never lose their strength. Use Zubits closures for casual or athletic shoes. And they also work well on boots, for hiking and camping, triathlons, gardening, playgrounds, skating, and more. Show off Zubits closures with flashy colors or use them to for a clean look on fashionable shoes.

Suitable for everyone

Anyone and everyone can enjoy Zubits closures. Use them for jogging, going to the gym, or everyday use. But Zubits closures can be especially useful for elders who have difficulty tying laces or people with autism, arthritis, diabetes, or other special needs. And they are great for getting kids and children out the door quickly.

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