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Help your baby transition to bottles and feeders with Catch

Whether you’re going back to work or you’re simply over it, transitioning from mothers breast to bottle can be a difficult one. Sucking milk from a bottle is a little different from breastfeeding, so make sure you put aside time to allow your baby to make the switch. Give yourself about a month or two to work with. As for the bottle itself, it’s important to find a bottle that mimics the natural flex and softness of mum’s boob. This also helps make the switch between breastfeeding and bottle as easy as possible. If you’ve decided to make the switch or need to stock up on bottles we’re here. At Catch we have bottles and feeders from all the top brands all under one roof. Catch is Australia’s favourite online superstore which means you don’t even have to leave your couch to have your baby supplies delivered right to your door! Simply buy online and we’ll do the rest.

Bulk amounts of rice crackers and baby food pouches

Is your baby ready to taste the wide world of food? Purees are the next step for most babies as they’re easy to eat and make. Food pouches of pureed vegetables and fruits are a great place for babies to start as they move off milk. You can even make your own purees with a steamer and a blender. Simply steam some veggies and once cooled, blend until smooth. Once you want to start introducing you baby to solid food, rice crackers are a great place to start. They’re a snack that's easy to eat and easy to digest. Your baby is sure to love them. At Catch you can buy bulk food pouches and rice crackers for you little one. We’re 100% online, that means you can sit at home and have your baby’s food delivered right to your door. No more lines and queues!

High chairs and seats for babies - Safety tips

Once babies are able to sit up and are eating solid foods, It’s important to start creating an eating ritual which helps ad structure to their life. Starting with a high chair, babies will associate sitting in this chair with food time and help eating go smoother. When buying a chair, safety should be a major concern for parents. When buying a chair look for ones with a five-point harness, strong/sturdy design, limited moving parts and no easily detachable parts that could be choking hazards. Lastly, make sure to set up your chair away from things that your child could use to climb (curtains or blinds). At Catch we’ve got a range of different chairs for parents to peruse, so stop on by and have a look. At Catch don’t break the bank on high chairs and baby seats, grab yourself a Screamin’ Good Deal now!