Gluten Free Foods

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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake? Yes Please!

Where’s the GF gang at? Gather around, because we’ve got some good news. You can now buy a delicious range of gluten free foods for less, right here at Catch! Major supermarkets have stepped up their game in recent years, creating dedicated gluten free sections. But now you can browse through all those foods from the comfort of your own couch! So grab yourself a cuppa and some gluten free bikkies, and check out the scrumptious selection of GF foods. If you’ve got little ones who don’t do well with wheat products, we’ve got gluten free snacks for kids so they don’t feel left out at kinder or school! Just make sure you don’t eat ‘em all before popping some in your munchkin’s lunchbox..but they’re that delish, we won’t blame you if you do. And if you do, no worries! With prices this low, you won’t have to break the bank on your weekly gluten free food shop. We’ve also got gluten free savoury snacks, pasta, and simmer sauces for main meals at prices you won’t believe. Take a look now and you’ll see why we’re raving about our GF selection!

Want a Treat Without the Wheat? You Got it.

Having to read the ingredients list on every food package, searching for alternative recipes on the internet, getting asked by others why you can’t eat sandwiches (before offering you a wrap)...these are all too common scenarios people living gluten free lifestyles face. There are some of us who choose to omit or reduce gluten from our diets, maybe because we’re trying to keep the carbs to a minimum or because we feel better without it. But for others, gluten poses a much more serious, even life threatening issue. Coeliac Disease is a condition which causes people to have severe reactions when foods containing gluten are consumed. We understand the struggles of constantly having to source gluten free alternatives - it can be inconvenient, timely and pricey. That’s why at Catch, we’ve decided to stock a wide range of completely gluten free cookies and cakes, gluten free savoury snacks and so much more at heavily discounted prices. All you have to do is jump online, add goods to your cart, and we’ll deliver ‘em straight to your door! Talk about easy and affordable. Shop the gluten free SALE at Catch today.

See? It’s All Gluten Free!

Stock your pantry up with gluten free goodies that’ll keep you full of energy while treating your tastebuds to absolute flavour-heaven. Now we all know that snacks shouldn’t make up the majority of our diet, so let’s kick things off with gluten free foods you can whip up for quick ‘n’ easy meals! The Slendier Calorie Clever range has taken the health food world by a storm, and to be honest, we’re not surprised. Not only are these konjac noodles, pastas and rice 100% gluten free, they’re also low carb, vegan, and only 10 calories per 100g! But what about the crucial component - the sauce? Well, you’ll be glad to know, Catch has