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The world of beer is truly limitless. Just to name a few styles there's ales, lagers, pilsners, IPAs, wheat beers and stouts. All of these styles of beers can be vastly different from each other. For example, you have lagers which are light, easy-drinking summer beers and their polar opposites, stouts, hearty and dark with flavours of coffee, dark chocolate and cream. Beers are a very sociable drink to enjoy. Post work or weekend beers are a great time to unwind and relax with friends or colleges, just remember not to get carried away! Making sure you have beers at home for when the time arises is easy, simply jump online at Catch and order them right to your door! Whatever style you prefer to drink or whatever the occasion for drinking, ordering beers online at Catch is super easy. Shopping online is a great way to introduce yourself to the wide world of beers. So crack into a cold one today and feel refreshed by the great selection of cheap beers for sale and Catch - Australia's online superstore!

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In recent years, the Autralian craft beer scene has exploded. Wherever you look people are getting on board the hype and smaller craft breweries are popping up everywhere. A lot of these smaller breweries are now offering fresh takes on classics and are really pushing the boundaries of flavour and technique. Two birds is one such brewery, located in Spotswood, in the inner-western suburbs of Melbourne, this homegrown brewery works to craft beers that are clean, flavourful and people really enjoy drinking. Even a few of the larger breweries such as Carlton & United Breweries have started brands such as Pirate Life and 4 Pines to expand into the segment and provide value to customers seeking new beer experiences. If your tired of large market beers and are wanting to try some Australian craft beer, Catch is here for you. We’re 100% online, that means you can order from your couch and get your favourite craft beers delivered right to your door!

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Venturing out of Australia, buying an imported international beer can be a great way to experience what people around the world drink. There are a lot of international celebrations that revolve around consuming beer. The world's largest, Oktoberfest, is often associated with beer, big tents and lederhosen. If you can’t fly to Munich, Germany, you could try hosting your own Oktoberfest at home. Simply order beers online from countries like German or Belgium, and have them delivered. Make sure to check out all the best beer deals under one roof right here at Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals!

Supplies for home brewing beer

Perhaps you’re super adventurous and have tried every beer style under the sun. Maybe you want to try your hand at brewing your own beer? At Catch we have an abundant array of supplies to keep any home brewer stocked. From complete home brewery kits to essentials like an alcometer we have you covered. Home brewing your own beer can be a great way to get deeper into the world of beer. Beer is super simple stuff, homebrewers are able to customise the levels of malt, hops and yeast and really get to experience with flavour and alcohol levels. Pick up discounted home brewing supplies at Catch and enjoy the fruits of your labour.