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Bedroom furniture on sale at Australia’s no.1 online superstore- Catch!

Want to give a personal touch to your bedroom? Then make sure you pick the right furniture that suits your style of living. Many of us are guilty of making our bedside table spill with books, water bottles, glasses, candles and god know how much more! Well, the smart thing to do here is to buy a bedside cabinet that has space filled drawers. If you’re looking to add artistic embellishments to your bedroom, the Side Cabinet with 3 Drawers is perfect for you! It appears highly decorative ( and honestly like a telephone stand) but it’s truly functional. Organise your books, glasses, chargers and other cluttering material in the drawer which has ample space to store all your bits and pieces. Choosing the right-sized bedside table is very important ( the rule of thumb here is to get a side table that has the same height as your mattress). For avid readers or book worms the Nightstand- 2 Drawers Grey and White Bedside Cabinet is your go-to. There is ample space to store your books and also display the ones you love on the huge table top. If you have chosen a neutral colour palette for your bedroom then this grey bedside table will add a subtle ambience to the room. No need to burst your bank account to buy bedroom furniture, Catch has a massive sale on bedside tables, cabinets, bed frames and a lot more! Shop here at Catch now!

Artistic, vintage, classic & modern bedside table for sale!

Want minimalist look and classic appeal at the same time? Check out the Mediterranean Vintage Style Bedside Table, this black beauty is made up of premium quality thick wood to assure high durability. The rough finish design on the drawers gushes the right amount of vintage vibe for your classic interior design. Your bedside table is often used and is a bedroom staple,so be creative but at the same time don’t lose your focus from functionality, it’s supposed to be both pretty and useful. Our range of furniture guarantees long lasting quality, buy bedroom furniture from Catch today and enjoy all the screamin’ good deals on offer!