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Here at Catch, there are thousands of products on sale! There are a number of different categories and the office supplies are second to none. However, in this area of office accessories, the range is quite selective. A few of Kensington’s finest products are up for grabs so you can add them to your space today. Let the home of Screamin’ Good Deals be a one-stop shop for all your office needs. Your very own personal office supply store right at your fingertips! Pair your new Kensington footrest with the ultimate desk or office chair that Catch has in store. There really is a lot more, have a browse through the related categories and you’ll find something - that’s for sure. OZ’s #1 place to online shop is known for its crazy deals. You can buy big brands for little prices right here and save. Kensington is a popular, high quality company that Catch sells just for you. It specialises in desktop and mobile accessories and has nearly been operating for 35 years - which is long enough to master the ultimate office supplies that you need! Shop office accessories from Kensington now and you won’t regret it!

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Find yourself the perfect footrest, backrest or the comfiest chair right here with Kensington. The Rocking Footrest with Massage Nodules is a non-skid footrest that’s perfect for the office and even just at home. This beauty can help ease strain on the lower back and massage your tired feet. It’s also able to tilt and rock freely so you can discover the best angle for you. Second, there’s the Black SmartFit Solemate Plus Footrest which is amazing for professional posture support, as it helps you sit with a better stress-reducing posture and it takes away pressure from your feet, back and legs. It has a foot pedal so you can make adjustments without having to get off your chair, there’s a non-skid surface equipped so you can get comfy without the worry of sliding around and losing that ultimate position. Next, there’s the SmartFit Back and Spine Rest which offers incredible support. Attach this beauty to your favourite office chair and experience comfort on another level. It’s customisable to the height of any backrest and it has ventilated panels that keeps you cool and dry during use. Lastly, the Memory Foam Seat Rest is great for comfort and posture support! It molds to your body shape and has a leather-like bottom so it grips onto the chair better. These items from Kensington have incredible benefits for your health and wellbeing. Increase the comfort in your office and shop office accessories here at Catch!