Secure your belongings with a sturdy safe

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Small safes online? You’ve come to the right place!

Here at Catch, there’s a range of incredible safes for sale to protect all your valuables! There are different types, styles and features so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re searching for. With a number of sizes, you can find the perfect piece to secure as much as you need - shop small safes and more right here at the home of Screamin’ Good Deals! There are several options to choose from with different ways to access your safe. Find the ultimate digital safe and personalise your own password. Bad memory? Play it safe and score one with a key. Depending on what you need, you can find items with heaps of different features. If you’re in an area prone to flooding or bushfires, store your things without fear and shop both waterproof and fireproof safes now. If you’re not, it doesn’t matter - you should always guard and secure the valuables that mean the most to you and your family. Think ahead and prevent the unthinkable today with Catch!

Digital safes, fireproof safes and more!

Australia’s favourite online superstore is known to have big brands for little prices. With Sentry Safes best, you can find everything you’re looking for and shop quality and protection right here at Catch. Looking for a digital safe? The 16.4L Digital Security Safe has got you covered. It’s made from solid steel, has a pry-resistant door and offers the ultimate security with two live-locking bolts. Fancy a key? The 10.2L Privacy Lock Fire & Water Chest by Sentry Safe is the one for you. This portable storage system can be kept wherever you like. It has a carrying handle so you can protect your things on the go or place it anywhere around the home. Want something less obvious? Secure your items and disguise your safe from unwanted eyes with the Dictionary Book Safe from Home Office & Media. This safe looks exactly like a dictionary so you can put it amongst other books in your home and keep it hidden. This is the ultimate theft deterrent which adds even more safety and security than an original safe because it’s incredibly hard to spot and isn't noticeable when protecting your valuables. Keep your bits and pieces safe now with Catch and enjoy the crazy deals. Happy shopping!