Outdoor rugs - Perfect for summer nights

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Save BIG on outdoor rugs!

Sometimes, even a well decorated patio can look like it’s lacking something. And that something may very well be an outdoor rug! Now, some may be thinking, “it’s just a piece of fabric.” But, we’re here to tell you that outdoor rugs are SO much more than that. That “piece of fabric” will be the centre of attention when you have guests over, trust us. The quality of outdoor mats are unmatched - made from polypropylene material, they are known for being highly resistant to fading, moisture and stains! The rugs by Rug Culture and Artisan Decor are 100% UV treated making them some extra durable patio rugs. They are also made from eco-friendly and/or recycled material, so you’re also doing bit for the environment. Not only do these brands we offer top-quality, sustainable outdoor rugs, they have managed to create some marvellous designs, patterns and colour-schemes. From vibrant, exotic rugs that will give your patio or poolside a tropical vibe, to a more subtle and reserved rugs that add an element of calmness to your outdoor space, there’s something for every season, every occasion and every mood! And one of the great things about shopping on Catch is, the sheer range of outdoor mats available. The outdoor rugs by Monaco alone come in 4 different sizes! The 67 x 135cm for the smaller spaces and the 200 x 290cm for a massive deck.

Find the perfect outdoor rug at Catch

With so many good things to say about patio rugs, we forgot to mention that they can be used indoors as well! So if you’re in the mood for decorating your interior or want to keep your feet off the cold kitchen tiles when preparing dinner, then simply pop the rug inside! Not only that, brands such as Xcelerator Online and Artisan Decor have some reversible indoor/outdoor rugs, allowing you to change things up with just a flip! An indoor + outdoor + double-sided rug; does that make it a 4-in-1? Whether it does or not, there’s no denying that the prices here at Catch are unbeatable! So grab yourself a rug online and save BIG bucks - at Australia’s No.1 shopping destination.