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3 x Fox's Glacier Mints 130g
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Bolster your supplies with bulk mint and gum purchases at Catch

Imagine your at the club, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, when all of a sudden the love of your life walks up to you and asks you for a kiss. Are you ready to answer the call? Is your breath ready? Don’t be left wondering by stocking up on mints and gum at Catch. Perfect for any occasion, mints and gum are convenient for covering bad breath in a flash. While not a permanent replacement for poor dental practices, mints and gum can pitch in for a quick effort when they’re needed the most - think meetings, presentations and of course spontaneous kisses! It’s so easy to keep a packet on freshness in your pocket and even easier to keep yourself stocked with great deals at Make sure you grab a screamin’ Good Deal today and then sit back and relax as we deliver your purchase right to your door, Australia wide.

Benefits of chewing gum

A lot of people swear that chewing gum gives them health and well being benefits. A quick look online will show than gum can improve memory and reduce stress, especially useful for those with high pressure jobs or are going through exams. Other benefits include improved digestion and improve oral health. Some sugar free gums with the chemical xylitol have even been shown to prevent tooth decay. Make sure to keep your xylitol gum away from your dog, however, as for them it can be very toxic! Chewing gum can also be used as a tool to help manage weight. The act of chewing gum may help reduce cravings and snacking, ultimately helping people to eat less. So if you’re keen to experiment with the benefits of chewing gum, Catch is right here for you. We stock bulk amounts of gum and we’re 100% online, which means no more searching the aisles, simple type and search for what you want!

Chew your way to that fruity flavour explosion!

Who remembers getting three or four Hubba Bubbas Grape chunks and chewing them at once. We would attempt to blow a huge purple bubble. If you mind wanders to all the juicy sweetness, you’re just like us at the office. It was enough flavour to blow the mind of any child. The mouth just salivates at the thought! Fruity gum can be a lot tamer than some aggressively minty gum. They’re a flavorful alternative if you don't like that mint fresh burn. Some gum company needs to invent a product with longer lasting flavour, something we could chew for hours, imagine that. At Catch, Hubba Bubba and Juicy Fruit gums, sure to add flavour to your day. Remember, the best place to get your gum online is right here at Catch. Fresh breath and great taste is just a few clicks away.