Buy Mixed Cases of Wine for Less

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Why buy a single bottle when you can get a case?

Buying in bulk means saving your hard earned money. Take advantage of the offers we have at Catch and stock up on crisp white wine from Marlborough or silky reds from the Yarra Valley. Buying mixed cases is perfect for the enthusiastic entertainer. Always have a bottle on hand for when guests arrive and know that you’re well stocked going into the night. For those who are wine connoisseurs and have time to wait, buying by the case allows you to experience the same red after it’s been aged. Through buying a case and by drinking a bottle every year or two, one can note how it changes. You can experience the same bottle of red differently throughout the years. Whatever the reason for buying a case of wine, Catch has you covered. SImply order online and wait as your wine is delivered right to your doorstep, Australia wide!

Australian mixed wine case deals

Don’t pay more in store! Shop online at Catch for mixed cases featuring a dozen Australian wines. Whether you prefer reds, whites or sparkling, we have a case sure to suit your tastes and your budget. Mixed wine cases are a great way to get a selection of different wines at a very competitive price. Most of the mixed cases offer six different wines than are then doubled meaning you get twelve all together! Australia is known for its great red wine. So why not pick up a mixed case of Australian red with confidence. Right in own backyard are some of the world's best Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. So for the best Australian mixed case deals, make sure you shop at Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals.

International mixed wine by the case

Catch stocks more than just Australian wine cases. Here you can buy a mixed case of wines from France, New Zealand, Spain or Italy. Each country is known for their own styles, so here’s one popular style from the countries listed above. France is known for their Bordeaux, being one of the most popular reds in the world. Bordeaux is one of France's most celebrated and awarded wines. In Italy, Prosecco dominates the sparkling wine landscape. Prosecco is known as a sparkling white with a creamy finish. It’s recent rise in popularity now sees it outsell French Champagne across the world. For Spain, wines from Rioja are the drink of choice. They’re known to be dry, medium-bodied with moderate to high acidity. Known for its range of flavours they are usually made up from Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano. New Zealand is the best for their sauvignon blanc. Their Marlborough region on the South Island is the perfect dry and sunny place to produce very intense flavours. So if you’re willing to try, the world has a bunch of different wine regions to explore. Now your chance to stock up on international wine cases at Australia’s favourite online retailer - Catch!