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A brief history of Champagne and sparkling wine

All champagnes are sparkling wines but not all sparkling wines are champagnes. Why do they make it so difficult? The consensus is that Champagne can only be called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region. This area covers 33,500 hectares of France! The reasoning behind this decision is to protect Champagnes reputation and to help set up regulations for vineyard production and vinification (winemaking). The classification of sparkling wine covers all wines which significant levels of carbon dioxide in it. This carbon dioxide can be the result of natural fermentation or from an artificial injection of carbon dioxide. Now your up to date with the differences and similarities of Champagne and sparkling wine, sit back and order some to your house with Catch. Catch is 100% online and stocks a wide variety of traditional French Champagnes and festive sparkling wines.

Why is Champagne the drink of celebration?

Not sure what to bring when you’ve been invited over for dinner? If it’s a celebration like a birthday or end of season gathering for a local sporting club, bringing a bottle of bubbles will put you in good stead with everyone involved. Sparkling wine has long been associated with celebrations. Events like Christmas and New Year are perfect examples of when to let the bubbles flow. We owe this symbol of celebration and decadence to the French Royals who made the drink into a staple of their everyday life. This is one reason, but we don’t know for sure why Champagne became the drink we associate we celebration. We’re not complaining though. So shop today with sparkling wine and Champagne available at Catch! Explore a world of effervescence with delivery straight to your door, Australia wide.

Spanish Cava, Italian Prosecco and Australian Sparkling wine

The French aren’t the only ones who make excellent sparkling wine. Other European countries are known for their distinctive sparkling wine styles. In Italy, Prosecco dominates the sparkling wine landscape. Prosecco is known as a sparkling white with a creamy finish. It’s recent rise in popularity now sees it outsell Champagne across the world. For Spain, Cava is the sparkling drink of choice. Cava is known to compete with champagne on flavour but is often far less expensive. Known for its more earthy flavours Cava comes in 7 different levels of sweetness from Brut Nature (0-3 grams of residual sugar) to Dolce (50+ grams of residual sugar). Australia also has a thriving sparkling wine scene. Chandon, Born of Moet & Chandon, boasts genuine French heritage and the award for best Australian sparkling wine in the 2018 Champagne and sparkling wine world championships. So if you’re willing to try, the world has a bunch of different sparkling wine regions to explore. Now your chance to stock up on International sparkling wine at Australia’s favourite online retailer - Catch!