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2 x Praise Chipotle Aioli 250mL
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Buy olive oil online Australia!

Oil is used in almost all cooking. Oil acts as a pan lubricant but can also help impact flavour into dishes. There are many different types of oils, all with different flavour profiles. A high quality oil can help elevate even the most simple dish. Take Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil). This dish is predicated on fresh olive oil and garlic being the main flavours. A simple dish, that when done right, can leave a very lasting impression of the flavours and characteristics of good olive oil. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an everyday home cook, a quality oil is the backbone of thousands and thousands of dishes, great and small. Don’t skimp out on quality when it comes to cooking oil. Use it for cooking, dressing, drizzling and more. Check out cooking oils for less, right here at the home of Screamin’ Good Deals! Welcome to Catch.

Salt, pepper, chicken salt and spice rubs for meat

Salt and pepper are two important staples of the pantry or table top. Together they help meals by enhancing flavours and bringing a bit of heat. Today, we now have access to various types of salt including: simple table salt, Pink Hymalayan rock salt and black salt. In recent years, we’ve also seen the rise of chicken salt. A chicken/fish and chip shop classic, you can now get the authentic takeaway chip flavour at home with a quick shake. But what if you’re looking for the next big thing. Salt rubs or Spice rubs might be right up your alley. These rubs are applied to meat before cooking and can come in a wide variety of flavours. Simply rub into meat and cook. Enjoy the harmony as sugar, spice and herbs amp up the flavour of your meat. If you need a top up on pantry essentials or are looking for new flavours to taste, Catch has you covered. Shop now for the best spices and salt rubs today!

Hot spicy sauces for LESS!

Travel around the world of hot sauce with variety hot sauce packs. Perfect as a gift idea, these hot sauce variety packs give the recipient a fiery array of different flavours from around the world. Some sauce styles include: Indian, Thai, Jamacan, American and Australian. Be careful because some of these sound hot enough to melt your tongue. Raging Inferno? Just make sure you have some water or milk nearby for when you try that one. You can add your sauces to almost any dish, try them with rice, pasta or anything to give it that little kick. So what are you waiting for? Shop our range of exotic, imported hot sauce for LESS at Catch today!