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What is Blu Ray?

Blu Ray is a high-definition entertainment disc format that uses Blue Laser technology and extended data compression, as compared to the DVD format. Differing from DVDs that use Red Laser technology, the Blu Ray format is able to focus on its disc surface with greater precision and detail. Single-layer Blu Ray discs can hold 25gb of data (dual-layer holds 50gb) in home-recording, and boasts a data transfer rate of 36-48 Mbps, on average.

First introduced in 2008 in competition with HD-DVDs, Blu Ray stands today as one of the most intricate disc formats, letting viewers experience the next generation of sound and audio quality in the home theater setting. These discs are viewed with Blu Ray Players.

Blu Ray vs DVD

With the advent of HDTV and ultra-4K display leading the entertainment world, we’re always on the hunt for the next big thing. Blu Ray offers unrivalled quality of sound and picture - made for elevated disc storage capacity and crystal clear audio, the Blu Ray experience is a step above the humble DVD. The new Ultra HD Blu Ray format takes your movie viewing experience to whole new levels - right in the comfort of your own home. Perfect with 4K Ultra HD TVs, a Blu Ray player is a must-have in the home of anyone who wants more out of their home entertainment.

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