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Inflatable pool toys, pool floats and more

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Our favourite inflatable pool floats & toys

It wouldn’t be an Aussie summer without one of our inflatable pool toys finding itself into your backyard. Let’s get into some of our online favourites from the inflatable pool floats we have in stock! First up must be the ever-popular Airtime Swan Flatback Ride On, this majestic beast will be the vessel of your poolside travels and allows you to sit in a relaxing upright position. If you’re wanting to add some humour to your inflatable pool float collection, then try dobbing the Koolface Gigantic Smiling Pool Pool Float which will be an instant hit throughout your summer pool parties! Keep the drinks flowin’ with our best-selling Gigantic Beer Pool Float which allows you to lie down and kick back on one of life’s greatest pleasures – beer! Capture that perfect Instagram photo upon our one of our inflatable pool toys online, only from the home of screamin’ good deals!

Get physical and splash around with poolside activities this summer! Whether you’re an avid beach volleyballer or water polo enthusiast our range of pool ball toys online will certainly keep you entertained. Knock around our Airtime Jumbo Geo Palm Beach Ball with your mates or enjoy the bouncy Air Time Luxe Tinsel Beach Ball for the ultimate fun in the sun. Add some ball games to your poolside accessory kit for summer time shenanigans and remember to shop all our MASSIVE savings, right here at Catch!

Find your boat accessories, right here!

Summer in the water has never been this enjoyable with our boat accessories available online! Row your boat gently down the stream with our Bestway Inflatable Raft which is double-skinned and extra sturdy, making for a seaworthy vessel! If flying across the water at fast pace is more your thing then try out our Kwik Tek Airhead Inflatable Raft Hexsanity which is built for maximum duo hydroplaning action! If a tandem experience doesn’t fulfil your thirst for fun, then go solo with our Kwik Tek Inflatable Ring Air Head Blast which includes a reinforced internal tow harness and deluxe nylon handles for you to skim across the water at high pace! Take yourself for a ride online today by checking out our towable toys and inflatable rafts!

Owning your own boat just got a whole lot easier with our range of affordable boat covers in stock! Protect your watercraft from any harmful weather impacts with our boat covers that come in many different dimensions to fit most boat sizes. So, what are you waiting for? Our on-sale boating covers are now available online at Catch!

Pool maintenance tips!

Keeping your pool clean can be one of life’s greatest challengers but luckily here at Catch we want to help by providing you with some of our best tips for maintaining a pristine outside pool. Firstly, sifting and scrubbing are chores that will need to be continuously repeated if you are to have an aesthetically appealing pool all the time, it’s all about continuity! Our next suggestion is to think of your pool filters as it’s kidney, filtering out impurities and usually needing a filter basket clean out at least once a week. Now onto one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance, consistent chemical levels. Look to check your pool water chemical composition at least once a week to avoid any nasty bacteria inflicting harm on your skin and eyes. Our final pool maintenance tip may seem simple but make sure to consistently check your pool water levels which will obviously fluctuate after a heavy downpour or a pool party full of cannonballs. We recommend maintain a water level that is halfway up the opening of the skimmer because if it’s any higher debris might pass the opening without being pulled in. Hopefully our pool maintenance tips can be of use and you can continue to enjoy a fun-filled summer!

If you’re on the search for some pool/pond maintenance products online, then don’t go past our Day/Night Solar Oxygenator Air Pump. Ideal for replenishing your pond with required oxygen levels, this little gem uses either solar energy or battery power and has both day and night mode, so you won’t have to worry about a thing! Find all your water maintenance tools online, right here!

Well there you have it, from inflatable pool toys to boating accessories to pool maintenance tips, we hope you can enjoy your time in sun this summer and save on some screamin’ good deals in the process!