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The Catch footwear new arrivals are jam packed with absolute classics! From sporting shoes to casual kicks, Catch is continuously updating stock with the latest trends and fashion needs in mind. Let us run you through some of the big brand labels and specific hot selling restocked footwear to get your shopping experience with Catch up and running!

New arrivals continue to flow in and out the door on all the hottest selling brands in footwear. Restocked Nike shoes are the highly sought after option, known best for their striking designs, optimum level comfort and all rounded functionality for both sporting and casual wear purposes. On the other hand, if you’re looking to intensify your exercise routine, delve into the Catch back in stock range of ASICS trainers. Designed to cradle your feet during your fitness grind, ASICS new arrivals are always amongst the Catch best sellers.

Whether you’re simply after kicks that will get you from point A to point B or on a ravenous search for the latest shoe designs, Catch has all the big brands and best prices across the board on new arrival footwear!


Catch is most definitely the one-stop-shop for all things homeware! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom interior, adorn your bathroom with tasteful decorations and ornaments, or step up your kitchenware game, our eclectic range will be sure to meet all your needs. The beauty about shopping at Catch is, we’ve got new products flying in left right and centre!

Quality and price often come hand in hand, right? If something is super high quality, it’s bound to be expensive. But that’s simply not the case here at Catch! Even our new homeware arrivals are up for grabs at heavily discounted prices, saving you from breaking the bank. All the big brands that don’t compromise on quality are just around the corner - from Maxwell & Williams for your kitchenware needs, to Gioia Casa to keep you nice and snug in your cosy bed. Take a second (or a few hours…) and check out the crazy deals on top-notch goodies for your home!

Wow your guests next time they enter your abode, and save some serious dollars in the process. With delivery straight to your door, you’ll be glad you stumbled upon Catch!