Benefits of a Comfortable Dog Bed

We all want a good night's sleep, and that should always extend to the furrier members of your family. A comfortable dog bed can have great benefits for your dogs. We will explore these benefits and what they mean for you and man’s best friend. Let’s take a look!

8 Benefits of a Comfortable Dog Bed

Here are the eight benefits, so you know what you’re getting from a nice comfy bed for your dogs.

A Comfortable Dog Bed Protects Your Dogs Joints

As human beings, we can’t sleep on hard surfaces. We know that pain in our joints comes from a rough night's sleep. Well, dogs are no different. Sure, they can do it somewhat better than we can, but not for extended periods of time almost daily.

Your dog needs something nice to sleep on that protects the dog's joints which matters in the long term. It can become a medical issue as they get older or cause significant pain for senior dogs.

A Comfortable Dog Bed Helps Prevent Issues With Dogs Behaviour

We often think it’s great to have our dog in bed with us. It’s cute, sure, but it’s actually enforcing problematic behaviour patterns with your dogs. It doesn’t matter how affectionate and loving your dog is. This is not something you want to allow.

A dog stays with you in your bed because they think it’s comfortable and a great place to get some rest. That’s all well and good until you realise how much space they’re taking up and how much they continue taking up over time. Soon your bed won’t be your bed anymore.

A Comfortable Dog Means a Warm & Happy Dog

Winter can be brutal for anyone as the temperature plummets and we feel cold. So you want to be able to provide a warm space for your dog to sleep on those cold winter nights. Unfortunately, this is worse for dogs because they will struggle throughout the night if they don’t have a bed and are only exposed to tiled floors.

Ultimately, overexposure to these cold conditions can cause your dog to get sick. As a result, it will end up being more costly in the long run if your dog doesn’t have a nice comfortable bed keeping them warm at night.

A Comfortable Dog Bed Preserves Your Furniture

While we all love our dogs, we can openly admit we’re not the biggest fans of the negative effect pets can have on our furniture. But unfortunately, dogs are often destructive by nature, as are most animals. So giving them a dog bed means protecting your furniture from your furry friends.

Their own space means they’re not going to leave hair, dander, and dirt on your couches and chairs. By introducing them to their own bed, and some helpful convincing to enjoy that bed, then they’ll be able to view the couch as a less attractive option.

A Comfortable Dog Bed Means They Have Something That’s Truly Theirs

You want your dog to feel like they’ve got a space they can call their own. Giving them a dog bed means they’ve got their own space to escape to when necessary. Considering how dogs can be territorial and somewhat possessive of things they believe belong to them, giving them a bed and their own space positively affects their overall behaviour.

Creating boundaries and providing reasonable alternatives is how you build a stronger relationship with your dog. They need to understand what is theirs and what is not to be rested on. Giving them something of their own means they’re never without a comfortable place to rest their head in peace.

A Comfortable Dog Bed Ensures A Good Nights' Rest

We all need to get some good sleep. Giving your dog a comfortable bed to get that much needed rest is pivotal to almost every aspect of your dog's well-being. Dogs need good sleep to stay healthy, just like humans do. Sleeping the right way means they’re helping their memory, making them smarter, and contributing to their overall health.

You’ll notice that overall they benefit from sleeping the right way. After a day of exerting energy, they need a space to sleep, and it's better if they do it throughout the night as opposed to being awake while you’re sleeping.

A Comfortable Dog Bed Is Good For Your Sanity

Dogs really are man’s best friend, but they can also be a pain in the butt sometimes. So, a comfortable dog bed means you’re providing them a space that is their own. You won’t bug them, and they won’t bug you. We all need some space once in a while.

It’s also important because dogs can sometimes be disruptive while we’re trying to sleep. So this is another reason why you don’t want them sleeping in the same bed as you. So you both get a good night's sleep, your furniture is safe, and your sanity is intact.

A Comfortable Dog Bed Is Generally Easy To Clean

Dogs often mean a lot of dirt. You need to regularly clean a dog bed not just for the sake of your dog's hygiene but also for the hygiene of your home. You don’t want fleas to make your address their new home. What’s great is that quality, comfortable dog beds are easy to clean.

Humans and dogs alike enjoy a clean, fresh bed. So don’t just ignore this aspect of owning a dog and a dog bed. It’s important to give them their dog bed the same treatment as the sleeping space you’d have for your own bed.


Now you know why dog beds are so beneficial. The next step is to get a dog bed. To ensure a good night's rest and a happy pooch, you need to find the perfect dog bed. Where to start? Catch marketplace, of course! We’ve got a wide range of dog beds that are just perfect for your home and dog to help them achieve a great night's sleep.

Popular Questions Asked

What is the most comfortable bed for a dog?

The most comfortable bed for a dog is one that is right in size, material and shape. Another factor is where the dog bed has been placed. You need to make sure that they are placed in an area that they feel safe and comfortable, as well as a bed that Is easy to get in and out of, and hygienic can make all the difference.

Should dog beds be soft or hard?

Most dogs prefer hard beds, and yes, hard beds are a better option as soft beds don’t offer the support needed for comfortable rest and healthy joints. For example, and older dog with joint problems such as arthritis and may find it difficult to get out of a plush bed.

What is the best dog beds in Australia?

The best dog bed in Australia are orthopaedic dog beds as they provide the most comfort and support in bone growth in dogs.