The Home Boxing Gym for Under $300

Whether you’re training for a fight or just want to relieve some serious stress while getting into the best shape of your life, boxing is a sport that’s accessible to anyone and everyone.

It’s as simple as getting some boxing gloves, mitts and a punching bag - set it up in your garage and voila! You’ve got a boxing gym without having to go anywhere.

Boost your cardio to Rocky levels and beat the hell out of stress with your very own home boxing gym - it’s now more affordable than ever.

You’re welcome.

Lonsdale Boxing Gloves

Lonsdale’s iconic range of boxing gear features some pretty kick-ass training gloves. These Black & Gold beauties are crafted for comfortable fit, all the while keeping your hands in shape with superior padding and an adjustable wrist strap. These mitts are ideal for bag training and focus pad work, with lightweight build and a comfortable loose thumb sleeve. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to wrap your hands! Keep those hammerfists in great condition for longer with some solid hand wraps or training gloves.

Lonsdale Leather Bag Gloves - Black/Gold


Everlast Freestand Reflex Bag

Everlast Freestand Reflex Bag

Sharpen up your speed and reflexes with this super practical freestanding bag! With a heavy base and spring mechanism, this bag lets you work on your accuracy and continuous hits with a moving target. Duck, weave, punch some combos - do whatever you feel like with this freestyle trainer.

With this handy standing bag, you don’t need to invest in a traditional double-end bag that needs to be hoisted from your floor to the roof.

Nice day outside? Take this little beauty out into the yard and you’ve got the perfect outdoor target to practise those quick hooks, jabs and crosses.

Pull Up Bar & Punching Bag Station

This punching bag bracket and chin up bar is the perfect space saver. With this all-in-one station, you can supplement your boxing with some pull ups, leg raises, chin ups and more. This handy wall mount can hold up to 200 kgs - meaning you can hook on any heavy bag you want and hit hard without holding back.

If you’re serious about your training, you’ll want to add some bodyweight movements to your regimen. This is the perfect piece of gear to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts. Pump up your cardio and strength with a circuit of heavy bag combos, air squats and pullups. Go full Pacquiao with this old-school setup!

Wall Chin Up Pull Up Bar Punching Bag SpeedBall Station

Double End Heavy Punching Bag

Double End Heavy Punching Bag

What’s a boxing set up without a punching bag? Fantastic to train with, this high quality heavy bag can help you increase your endurance, power and agility along with enhancing your overall combination skills. Level up your footwork and focus, hooks, jabs, crosses and even kicks with this heavy duty bag that’s easy to hang up.

This bag comes pre-filled and ready for action - all you need to do is hang it up in your gym, basement or garage and you’ll be set for your first session.

Hook this bag up to the Pull Up Bar & Punching Bag Station (above) and you’ll be saving some serious space in your home gym.

Shield & Focus Mitts Combo

Shield & Focus Mitts Combo

Summon your sparring partner and let the serious grind begin! This perfect fighter’s combo features focus mitts and a shield, giving you the ideal kit to drill those combinations and hard hits. Whether you’re a traditional boxer or like to incorporate kicks and elbows too, this kit is ideal. Practise some speed drills with the focus mitts and train some power hits with the kick pad - you’ll get that intense training session you’re after.

With this full setup, you don’t need to pay big bucks to join a boxing club. If you’ve got the space, you can easily create your very own boxing gym in the comfort of your own home.

Now you don’t have to spend big bucks on creating your perfect man cave - you’ll find it all at Catch at amazing prices, 100% online and delivered straight to your door - simple.

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