Six Golf Accessories to Instantly Improve Your Game

If you’re as serious about your game as we are, you know how important your golf accessories can be. From tees to balls, gloves and everything else, you can’t function without the proper gear.

We’ve put together a list of the most innovative and essential golf accessories online, to take your game to new heights this season.

Super smart tech, heavy duty materials and beautifully simple design make up this list of awesome golf accessories you didn’t know you needed, but can make your game that much more amazing.

Chromax Silver Golf Balls

Sick of losing track of your golf balls? Avoid getting lost in the rough, with these shiny beauties. Not only will these silver golf balls make you stand out on the course - they’re also super practical. The Chromax Distance golf ball provides a reflective inner layer with a translucent outer layer, giving it the highest visibility of any golf ball on the market. Stop overspending on endless amounts of golf balls - these babies are never out of sight.

Wizard Golf Putting System

Wizard Golf’s new innovative Putting System is a vital new tool for anyone looking to improve their putting game. This system has three components that work to improve any golfer’s putt, whether they’re a seasoned pro or a beginner;

The Putter’s Edge: This reduces the size of the hole, giving you a smaller target to work with. Ultimately, you develop the confidence to make traditional hole shots with ease. The Tour Stroke: Mounts to the putter face and allows for a long, smooth and consistent golf stroke. The True Line: An easy to use line drill that encourages a smooth and long stroke.

Zero Friction Performance Golf Tees

The Zero Friction range of ZFAdvantage tees are a necessity for the modern golfer. These golf tees, measuring at 2.12 inches feature two stripes surrounding the tee which allow for consistent placement for your drivers. These practical tees are manufactured with 100% renewable bamboo, meaning you can play a more ethical game, and not worry about any damage to the environment.

Copper Tech Golf Glove

The modern golf glove for the new-age golfer! This glove contains woven copper infused technology that’s built to improve your performance. The glove works by using compression, helping keep the muscles in the hand warm, reducing stress and fatigue. Stay comfortable and play like never before with this superb high-tech glove that looks great and feels even better.

Game Golf Live

Game Golf Live is a must-have product for any PGA Pro in the making. Game Golf Live is an automatic shot tracker that lets you seamlessly capture your stats in real time and analyse your game post-round. Game Golf Live works by connecting a tag to the end of your club, while the gadget does the rest. Immediately sync with your iOS or Android device back at the clubhouse, and you’ll be on your way to a perfect game in no time.

Blunt Golf G2 Umbrella

The Blunt Golf G2 umbrella is simply the best all-weather umbrella you can get. Blunt’s Radial Tensioning System creates a fully tensioned canopy that’s able to withstand winds greater than 118 km/h! This umbrella will let you play in rain, hail or shine and lets you walk back into the clubhouse dry as a bone. Don’t let the weather stop you from that perfect game - check out this heavy duty umbrella today and let the game continue!.

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