The 5 Most Popular Brands on Black Friday (2020)

One of the most highly anticipated retail events is almost here.

Who doesn’t love a good old sale? There’s nothing better than saving some of your hard earned cash when shopping for the things you need and want. The 27th of November, Black Friday, is just one of the days each year where you can score insane deals on almost anything! From sneakers to designer handbags, tech, clothing, kitchen appliances, furniture and more, the list is never-ending. But when it specifically comes to brands, which ones should you have your sights set on?

Now of course, depending on your interests, favourite brands and what you’re after, the best brands for you will most likely be different to someone else's. But generally speaking, we’d like to reveal the hottest 5 brands that will be offering Black Friday Deals in Australia this year. These brands seem to be at the top in terms of Black Friday popularity! And why is that? Quality? Price? Bundle deals? Product range? Let’s find out.

1. Nike

Nike’s Black Friday sales in Australia are by far one the most seeked out, both in stores and online. The history-rich brand is arguably the frontrunners in the sportswear industry, and it’s not hard to see why. From high performance running shoes, innovative athletic wear, aesthetically pleasing products and endorsements from numerous top-tier professional athletes, Nike constantly strives to better its brand. That’s why we see people going straight for Nike on Black Friday, adding heavily discounted products to their carts like there’s no tomorrow! And we don’t blame them. At Catch, we stock a wide range of mens, womens and children’s Nike products, which we also discount on Black Friday. These deals sell like hotcakes year in year out, because of the sheer popularity of the brand with the iconic ‘Swoosh’. Click here to shop our Black Friday Nike sale or simple Google search ‘Black Friday Nike’.

2. Burberry

This may not be the first brand that comes to most peoples’ minds, but you can find some very generous Burberry Black Friday Deals online. The British luxury fashion house is an icon in the designer world, appealing to various demographics. From Burberry’s mens wear to women’s fashion, fragrances, accessories and makeup, the perfect gift for a special someone or even yourself awaits. Since Christmas is just around the corner, spoiling someone dear to you with a bit of Designer delight wouldn’t be such a bad idea! You can find our entire collection of Burberry products on sale at Catch this Black Friday. If you’re not usually one to go for luxury labels, then Black Friday is the time to take a look! Trust us, you’ll be shocked by the affordable prices.

3. Birkenstock

An absolute classic. Although Birkenstock isn’t an Aussie-born brand, you’d think it was considering just how popular they are down-under! The German shoe manufacturer produces high-quality sandals that are instantly recognisable thanks to their unique features - the rubber and cork soles and unprecedented shape. It’s quite common to see very similar sandals to Birkenstocks, but we recommend going for the real deal. The quality and comfort is unmatched! But not wanting to spend more for Birkenstocks? Well, all the more reason to take advantage of Black Friday Birkenstock sales! Prices will be slashed on various colours and styles of Birkenstock sandals at Catch. Check in on the 27th and get ready to pop some Birks into your cart.

4. Oakley

Another hot favourite during Black Friday. And another brand you’d think was established in Australia. Oakley sunglasses are adored by so many Aussies due to their design, performance, comfort and aesthetics. If you love adventure, the outdoors and sports, a pair of Oakleys is an essential item! So if you have a close friend or family member who could do with a pair of these bad boys, it’s a gift they’ll appreciate and get good use out of. Oakley sunglasses are hot favourites here at Catch anytime of the year. So can you imagine Black Friday!? Get ready ladies and gents, because our Black Friday Oakley Outlet is going to be massive. Be quick and score yourself a pair or five! Speaking of five, the final brand is...

5. Kitchenaid

The amount of time spent in the kitchen has risen exponentially this year. With most of us spending more time at home, cooking and baking have become hobbies for some (while nightmares for others)! And what better way to take your culinary skills to the next level? Kitchenaid never fails to impress with its huge selection of affordable yet reliable kitchen appliances. From mixers to toasters, blenders to name it, Kitchenaid does it. Whether you’re a rookie looking to make a new addition to the kitchen, or a master in the kitchen who needs a little electric assistance, Black Friday deals on Kitchenaid products are worth checking out. Plus, with the festive season coming up, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth!

To be honest, we could list 50 more brands, but we’re not here to write a book! You’re bound to find great deals on the five brands above on the 27th of November. If you want to read a bit about the best product categories to pounce on this Black Friday, check out our list here. You can also browse our Black Friday SALES and score some unbelievable deals.


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