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Nintendo are pioneers in all things interactive gaming and have been committed to bringing timeless enjoyment to gamers worldwide for over half a century. Their home entertainment products have been designed with great value in mind, providing fun for the whole family to enjoy. Dedicated to expanding play beyond the confines of a lounge room, Nintendo’s portable products are ideal for playing anywhere, anytime and with anyone! Get in on the fun with Catch, where you can pick up a Screamin’ Good Deal on Nintendo products today!

What is a Nintendo DS Lite?

The Nintendo DS Lite console is a handheld gaming device with a dual screen display, developed by gaming giant, Nintendo. Launched in 2005, the console has seen ceaseless popularity amongst all ages and continues to be loved by a wide demographic, transcending age, gender and time. Nintendo has cleverly combined new technology with everyone’s favourite classics, ensuring there’s equal fun for avid gamers, keen novices and everyone in between. Sleek and compact, the Nintendo DS Lite is ideal for playing anywhere and everywhere, guaranteeing endless hours of entertainment.

One of the greatest qualities of the Nintendo DS Lite is its suitability to everyone. Whether you’ve been gaming for 50 years or are just starting to get involved, both kids and adults alike will be able to find enjoyment with this compact little gadget. What’s more, Nintendo have struck a nostalgic chord with players by offering classics from bygone days, letting you experience the joy of your favourite games all over again.

On-the-go? Slip the slim Nintendo DS Lite console into your backpack and still have excess room. A long trip in the car with the kids? Keep them amused for the whole journey with their most-loved game. Boring plane ride? You guessed it, the DS Lite is your go-to console for endless fun. With the ability to engage in multi-player games, everyone can join in on the fun!

What is the difference between the Nintendo DS and DS Lite?

Nintendo, like many other tech giants, have worked diligently to give consumers updated technology which is more advanced than previous models. That’s why the DS Lite is smaller, thinner and lighter than the original DS. This new model was devised to make it more appealing to a variety of audiences - the sleek design boasts higher battery usage time, and has had several buttons relocated, including the position of the microphone for improved functionality. The screen also harbours four brightness settings, with the lowest brightness better than the standard screen of the original DS.

The Nintendo DS Lite is essentially an improved version of the Nintendo DS, with the same functionalities and gaming compatibilities. Nintendo have a range of other models, each with their own capacities. The Nintendo DSi has a larger display again, yet is slightly more compact and lightweight, containing a built-in camera and the ability to connect to wireless home Internet for portable browsing. For hardcore gamers, the 3DS gives the ability to play games in 3D without requiring glasses, while the 2DS has more of a tablet-like design similar to that of the Game Boy. The XL versions of each of these are larger in size, have a longer battery usage time and different software and input connections.

One of the newest additions to the Nintendo family is the Nintendo Switch Lite. Similar to other updates, this is a smaller and more lightweight version of the popular Nintendo Switch. It no longer has detachable joy-cons and can’t be docked into a TV, being designed specifically for play on the go. With an improved battery life, the Nintendo Switch Lite truly embodies portable play, ideal for use on holidays, road trips and friends’ houses.

What games can Nintendo DS Lite play?

The Nintendo DS Lite is compatible with regular Nintendo DS games, as well as Game Boy Advance games in single-player mode only. Due to the fact that DS Lite games have been designed for wireless play, they lack a cable port for connecting to multi-player systems and so are not compatible with Original Game Boy or Game Boy Color games.

The plethora of Nintendo DS Lite games means you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s a genre for everyone with everything from action to puzzle, racing and sports. Within each category, you’ll find games that your kids and teens love, ones you can’t get enough of, and ones that even older generations won’t be able to put down. Popular games include New Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and many more.

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