How Useful Are Mobile Phones? Top 10 Advantages of Mobiles

Mobile phones are one of those things that you can’t live without.

We need them in order to communicate and connect with people when we’re not in the same area or zipcode as them. We need them to find out information quickly, or get directions to our mates house. This is just scratching the surface of the mobile phone’s usefulness, which are often taken for granted.

Here are ten advantages of a mobile phone that will make you realize how important these little devices are all over again.


The first and most obvious advantage of a mobile phone is communication. Having the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere around the world, is incredible. This has allowed for so many advancements in the world in terms of how we communicate. Sure there are some downsides, but overall this is a major win. From texting to video calls, the options are endless and keep us connected with the ones we love, the friends we keep, and the people we work with on a daily basis.


Sometimes we are left with no options in terms of entertainment. Having a mobile device means we’ve got all the entertainment we need all in one place. These small and convenient devices are treasure troves of useful information, important details about yourself and your schedule, and pure entertainment value. This extends to your ability to create media in the form of photos, videos, and voice memos. Now you’ve got a way to capture important moments without the need of an expensive camera. You’ll be able to capture and edit these moments all on one device.


Sometimes, inspiration comes to us at the weirdest moments, and we’ve got to roll with it. Having a mobile phone means you’ve got a digital notepad ready to take down these important notes. Now you can ensure no good idea gets lost to your mind ever again. This is perfect for shopping lists, important information, creative ideas, and so much more.


Our days can get wild and rather messy. Having a place to organise the chaos so you can safely get to every meeting, responsibility and task on your to-do list is a major win for everybody! You can connect your calendar to your phone, so it syncs across all your devices. Thanks to the communication between devices, you’ll never be out of the loop. Notes and reminders can come in many forms—text, audio, video, pictures—these are to make it easier on you to remember exactly what you need to do.


Just like with organisation, reminders are necessary for us all to keep to our schedules. What’s a schedule without a little reminder telling us we’ve got some stuff to get done? Reminders are linked to our calendars and make it so we stay on top of our game at all times. This isn’t just ideal for work scenarios. It’s also perfect for personal situations. For example, got a birthday you need to remember? Well, set a reminder! Just booked a doctor’s appointment? Make sure to set a reminder, so you don’t miss it!


Bad things can happen at any moment, without warning. So we’ve got to be prepared and having a mobile phone means we can connect with the relevant people who can help. This isn’t just for emergency situations like car accidents or bad injuries for example. It’s also for crime prevention and general safety. You want to know you’ve got access to the necessary authorities. Hence, you’re never without the proper protection you need to live your lives in peace. That call can save your or somebody else's life, and not having a phone is the difference between life and death in some scenarios.


Remember back in the day, we’d meet someone, write down their home phone number, and hope we never lose it. Now it’s a case of putting it into our phone's contact books and keeping it forever, or as long as necessary. We never lose the information we need because it’s all neatly stored in one place and connected to a cloud, so we never lose anything.


Travelling can be so confusing when you’re not in a familiar area. It might be that you don’t know how to drive in the area or where you’re going, or you’re on foot and not sure where to go. A long time ago, we’d need a big paper map and, in rare cases, a compass. Today, we’ve got it all on our phones. The mobile devices not only show us where to go, but they also engage with us and direct us to places. We not only get stellar directions, but also recommendations over where to eat, sleep, drink, party, chill, and more.


It used to be that if you wanted to know something, there was only one place to get the most accurate answers—the library. Today, the library goes by a new name, and that’s Google. Ever since the search engine launched, it quickly became a favourite for users and has remained the leading search engine for over two decades. Asking Google for answers can lead to quick results and multiple sources and opinions. It’s knowledge at your fingertips, no matter the question.


Money is a fast-paced asset that sometimes comes in and out in seconds. We need to pay bills, access funds for purchases, and change limits continuously. It used to mean a trip to the bank, now, it’s a few touches of your touch screen and a banking app, and the money is there, ready to be spent, moved around, saved, and more. You never have to question how much you have when the information is right there on your mobile phone.

Bottom Line

While phones definitely have a downside to them, we can’t deny how useful they can be when we need them most. Mobile phones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’re getting more innovative, smaller, powerful, and interactive. Who knows what the next evolution of mobile phones will be.