Discover the best mobile data plans powered by Optus!

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If you’re on the hunt for some AMAZING deals on all the best cell phone plans for all your favourite devices, then look no further, Catch Connect has exactly what you need! With loads of data-only mobile plans including  our 10GB data plan, 30GB, all the way up to the whopping 150GB plan! All brought to you from the team at Catch and powered by the Optus 4G Plus network!

Here at Catch we’re used to bringing you the very best deals in all our categories including tech, fashion, homewares, sports, outdoors and more, so it only seemed fitting to provide our customers with that same value in the form of the best mobile data plans out there today! We've teamed up with Optus to get access to their powerful Optus 4G Plus network which uses multiple frequencies to provide coverage throughout Australia and has the ability to reach 96.9% of the Aussies! You can use our handy search tool to see what coverage is available in your area! So don’t miss out, come and explore our amazing deals on all of Catch Connect's best cheap phone plans in one place. All 100% online and delivered straight to your door!

We’ve got the best cheap business mobile plans at Catch Connect!

Are you a tech-savvy business guru who chews through all your data with constant online meetings and emails? Then you should consider our 60GB 30 Day data plan for $60. Not enough data for you? O.K...  for $10 more you can get a MASSIVE 100GB 30 Day data plan for only $70. What’s that? Still not enough? If you’re brave enough, come and tackle our 150GB 30 Day Data plan for only $90! That’s 5GB of data a day! Perfect for those skype calls, video conferences and entertainment while you’re killing time and literally anything you could want! Catch Connect - The home of the best cheap business mobile plans in the market today!

On top of the amazing prices we’re offering on all of our super cheap mobile data plans, were giving you unlimited access to the Optus mobile network, so you can feel secure knowing that you’ll be getting amazing coverage, speeds and service including the Optus 3G network and the Optus 4G Plus network! Please note that all unused data does not roll over, so make sure you’re using all that data! With great value plans, no lock-in contracts and access to one of the best networks in Australia, you won't want to miss out - Come and Connect with Catch today and SAVE!

The best mobile data plan for iPads and all your favourite accessories!

Are you on the hunt for the best mobile data plan for iPads or other devices? With a Catch Connect mobile data plan, you can set up any of your 3G or 4G compatible devices with any one of our awesome data-only SIM plans and get super fast and reliable access to the world wide web in no time! Your Catch Connect data-only SIM card is available for use with all devices that are compatible with standard, micro or nano SIMs, so make sure you check your device for information on the size that's right for you! With Catch Connect’s best mobile data plans available, you can use your iPad or other compatible device to get online and access all your favourite websites and apps, read those important emails, binge your favourite show on Netflix, chat with your pals and so much more on Optus’ powerful and reliable 4G Plus Network. Available to all Catch Connect customers! So don’t wait, grab your favourite device, pick a plan that works for you and get online with Catch Connect!

The best BYO mobile data plans in Australia!

From the team that’s bringing you the best Screamin’ Good Deals comes some of the best BYO mobile data plans in Australia today! Catch Connect is Catch’s answer to our customers wanting great value in their prepaid mobile plans\ - you bring the phone and we’ll supply the data! It’s incredibly easy to access the best mobile data plans out there. Just use these easy to follow steps and you’ll have access to Optus’ powerful 4G Plus network quicker than you can say Screamin’ Good Data!

  1. Get yourself an internet-capable mobile device. Make sure this device can take a SIM card and isn’t locked to a particular network.
  2. Select a plan that suits you best and click “BUY NOW”
  3. Enter your details
  4. Let us know where to send your brand new SIM
  5. Set up payment methods and review and accept all the boring legal mumbo jumbo
  6. Once you receive your SIM, activate your SIM here and you’re good to go!