What Should You Do With Your Old Mobile Phone? | Catch's Tips

So, you just got a new upgrade, and you’re stuck with an old phone and no clue what to do about it! Getting a new phone is a great feeling, but it leaves us in a weird position where we’re often left with perfectly good devices but no plan on what to do about it. Well, we’re here to tell you that you actually have numerous options available to you. We’re going to run through what you should do with your old mobile phone. So, let’s get started.

Keep It As a Spare

The most obvious thing you could do with an old phone is to keep it around in case you need it in the future. If your new phone ever breaks or needs to be replaced/repaired, having a spare means you’re not going to struggle while your new phone is out of commission.

Use As A Film Camera

Why not take your old phone and use it as a camera for pictures and videos? Most of the current generation of phones have great cameras, so if you’ve upgraded, it means you’ve gotten something better. Now you can use your old one as a spare camera or maybe as a wireless webcam or just a device to engage in video calls on.

Turn It Into a Smart Device Remote

Smart devices are quickly becoming our go-to devices in the home. So, why not turn your old phone into a home control unit such as a smart device remote? Then, you make it a universal device that anyone can use to operate various devices, lights, appliances, etc., in the home.

Transform Into Game Station

Games on mobile devices can take up a lot of space and data. If you’re worried about burning through data, make your old phone a wi-fi only device and use that to play your games without worrying about accidentally tearing through large amounts of data. Not only are you saving space, but you’re also saving data. Even better, your new phone will thank you for not playing these intensive games on your nice new shiny device.

Make It a Kid-Friendly Entertainment Device

Almost all devices give you the opportunity to create a kid's account. This means you’re able to create specific accounts on the phone that will have safety features active, keeping your children away from harmful material while being entertained. Think about it like this. You’re giving your kid something to play games off of, watch movies and series on, and take pictures with. It’s a great entertainment tool for them to keep them out of your hair.

Repurpose It As a Home Security Camera

A lot of people are now taking their old phones and making them into home security cameras. By using apps like Alfred, you’re able to take the device and access the camera on a live feed. Then, you can mount it wherever you want and get the feed sent to your new smartphone.

Baby Monitor

It might sound weird, but old phones make for great baby monitors. You can find numerous apps on the Play and App Store to help you keep an eye on your little one while they’re alone in their room. Apps like Dormi make it easy. All you need to do is be connected to the Wi-fi, have the app running and connected to your current phone and then you’ll be able to check in on them at all times. You’re even able to talk to them to help calm them down with your soothing voice.

Use It As a Mobile Reader

Want a dedicated reading device but aren’t interested in getting a kindle or something similar? Well, why not turn your old device into a mobile eReader? You can simply download the Kindle app or something similar and use it to read free ebooks, purchase ebooks, or borrowed ebooks. If you’re into comic books, there are options available to you to ensure everyone gets the kind of content they want.

Sell Your Old Cell

One of the most obvious things you can do with an old phone is to sell it. Get as much of your money back as possible. Make sure you’re doing this because you’re willing to accept the price you’ll get even though it won’t match the original value of the phone. Also, don’t do it if the phones are not in decent condition. You don’t want to waste people's time. A lot of prominent retailers offer buyback programs, so look around and see if anything speaks to you.


While a lot of people tend to just toss out old phones that don’t work, they’re actually doing us all a disservice. You can save a lot of materials by recycling your phone. The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States estimated that every million discarded phones could produce 33 lbs of palladium, 75 lbs of gold, 772 lbs of silver, and 35,000 lbs of copper. Cell phone recycling is becoming more popular. Now you just need to see where the nearest drop-off site is for you.


Using your phone as a GPS is convenient. But it’s also battery and data-consuming. So, why not take your old phone and make it your new GPS? By using your old phone as a GPS, you’re ensuring you never run out of battery on your new phone, which is always irritating. You can save destinations while on the wi-fi to help it consume less data.


Old phones don’t need to be shoved in a drawer. There are so many things you can do to make them still useful. Any one of these methods means your old phone can have a purpose.

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