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Pheromones - the ultimate way to allure your partner and captivate them like you never have before. Obviously, there are many factors that play a role in whether and how attracted we are to someone, from looks to personality, but smell is actually a significant factor too! And often, much more significant than we’re aware of. Human nature and our biology is super complicated, and we’re not knowledgeable enough nor qualified to talk in depth about it, so we won’t...but there’s no doubt scent and smell are major players in the game of attraction and intimacy! Thankfully at Catch, we’ve got a sale on sex pheremone enhancers so you can prop catapult your seductive nature to its pinnacle. So head on over to Australia’s favourite place to shop online and browse the most titillating deals you’ll ever come across!

Get Funky With Pheremones

Ladies, we are all super sexy in our own unique ways. But to enhance that unique sexiness and take it to the next level in the most subtle way possible, a sex pheromone enhancer is the way to do it. But do sex pheromones work? Well, let’s take a look at the Lure Black Label Pheromone Scent for example - it’s clinically developed to intensify your natural pheromones with added pheromones in a safe, hormone-free formula. Just a quick spritz of this secret spray and you'll be insanely irresistible to the object of your desire. Use this exceptionally powerful chick or dude magnet after you’ve had a shower whilst your pores are still open, at your pressure points on your neck for maximum results! Now’s your chance to grab this beauty and so many more sex toys, accessories and creams at ridiculously low prices. Welcome to Catch - 100% online and delivered straight to your door.