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Getting The Sex You Want Book
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Sex books to read? You’ll find them here!

Spicing things up in the bedroom has never been easier with the SALE right here at Catch! We’ve slashed prices not only on sex books for couples to read together, but novelty toys for some Bachelorette party fun, an assortment of sex games that’ll be sure to trigger some giggles and stimulate some privates. Trust us, you’ll be in for a world of exhilarating fun whatever you decide to grab from the range! The best part about shopping at Catch is, you can shop all the sex games under the sun 100% online. Once you’re happy with your goodies, we’ll deliver ‘em straight to your door! Piece of cake. Head on over to the sex novelty sale and get in on the action today.

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Are you and your partner interested in broadening your horizons and exploring areas of each other in completely new ways? Then these sex books for couples to read together are must-haves! From the Position Sex to Oral Sex and even Tantric Sex, the possbilies for breath-taking feelings are endless. If you and your lover are considering a bit of backdoor fun, then the Anal Sex Basics Book is a great place to start! We’ve also stocked up on hilarious sex games and novelty items by Pipedream for naughty Bachelorette parites. Balloons, ice trays, drinking straws, cake pans - almost anything you could ever want in the shape of a pecker, Pipedream have got it! We could go on for days, but we’ll let you go explore the sale and your wildest fantasies today! Welcome to Catch - Australia’s favourite place to shop.