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General cleaning duties

Think of all the jobs that a house requires to keep it clean. There’s often a lot to do! Who is responsible for cleaning in your house? Is it you? If so, do you split the work by room, starting in the kitchen through to the bedrooms and finishing in the family room? Or do you work by surface that needs to be cleaned? Floors, walls, windows and furniture? Whichever way you do it in your household, Catch has a few products up its sleeves to help out with the cleaning duties. You can clean everything in your whole house with things from Catch. Oven, check. Toilet, check. Pool, check. We’ve got scrubbers and descalers, liquids and destainers, all to help with the most tedious household chore. Catch is Australia’s favourite online superstore so scroll around and find yourself a Screamin’ Good Deal today!

Keeping your kitchen clean

No one enjoys cleaning but with the right equipment and products this household chore can become quite hassle free. When cleaning the kitchen, simple products like dishwashing liquid help break down the fats and oils to help leave you dishes sparkling clear. All you need is a little elbow grease and to let the soaps do their thing. A good quality scourer will make light work on and baked on foodstuffs from dinner - we’re looking at you lasagne and casserole. Gloves are also ‘handy’ if your skin is prone to getting pruney after long exposure to hot soapy water. One of the most useful items in any homes cleaning areseal is the multi-purpose wipe. Wipes are the quick and easy go-to product for cleaning up quick spills and little accidents. Cut through grease, grime and dirt with these handy wipes. One wipe could be used for kitchen benchtops, stovetops and sinks. Some wipes even have added germ killing. Keeping your kitchen clean is so easy with Catch!

Car care and cleaning

Keeping your car clean seems pretty straight forward, just take any rubbish inside, wash down the outside, add an air freshener and ta-da, you’re done! No. If you really want a well cleaned car you're going to need to go to great lengths to do so. We recommend you do the above and add on vacuuming your carpets, washing and waxing the panels, wiping the inside and outside glass surfaces, and shining up the tyres. There’s a lot to do so don’t waste any more of your time going to shop shop to get everything you need. You can get it all online right here! If car cleaning is on your mind, Catch is here to help. Catch has everything you need to keep your pride and joy clean with products that won’t break the bank.