A Guide For How To Clean A Dog Bed

Nobody likes sleeping in a dirty bed. While dogs might love to roll around in the dirt, that doesn't mean they’re ones for sleeping in dirty beds either. As a responsible dog owner, you’ve got to keep your dog’s bed clean at all times. If you’ve purchased a quality dog bed, this shouldn't be a challenge.

We’re going to guide you through the process of cleaning a dog bed so you know what you’re in for. Let’s dig in!

How To Clean A Dog Bed

How you clean a dog bed depends on the type of dog bed you’ve purchased. For example, we’re going to look at dog beds with removable covers and ones without removable covers.

Dog Beds That Have Removable Covers

When you’re cleaning a dog bed with removable covers, you’re going to clean the actual mattress differently from the cover. Also, don’t forget to clean any bedding that the dog bed might have. Here’s what you need to do when cleaning dog beds with removable covers:

- Step 1: Take off the cover, and check it’s machine washable.

- Step 2: Use a vacuum to clean both the mattress and cover of any loose dirt.

- Step 3: Place the dog bed cover in the washing machine and use non-toxic detergents to avoid harming your pet. Wash the bedding and cover at the highest degree to kill off bacteria

- Step 4: Set another rinse cycle to get rid of any excess detergent.

- Step 5: Place the bed cover and bedding in the tumble dryer or by air-drying them. However, make sure it’s on low heat and that you don’t use dryer sheets.

In the event the dog cover is not machine washable, you’ll be doing the same process as you would for a dog bed without removable covers

In terms of the mattress inside the cover, you’ll want to wash that every now and then as well. Doing it every time you wash the cover is unnecessary, but it still needs to be a regular effort.

Dog Beds Without Removable Covers

If you’ve got a dog bed without a removable cover, then you’re going to need to wash the bed by hand. Here’s what you need to do when cleaning a dog beds without removable covers:

- Step 1: Vacuum the dog bed to remove excess fur, dirt, or fleas

- Step 2: Fill up your bath, or a large basin, with water. Ensure it’s enough water to have the dog bed submerged.

- Step 3: Allow the bed some time to soak in the warm water. Add in a non-toxic detergent which you’ll leave the bed in for about 10 to 15 minutes.

- Step 4: Before heading into the final stages of cleaning, you’re going to take some baking soda and remove lingering odours. Take a toothbrush for all the corners.

- Step 5: Rinse the dog bed thoroughly.

- Step 6: Wring out the dog bed, leave it in the sun, and allow it time to dry.

These are the steps you want to follow for general routine cleanings. However, if you need to get out tough stains, urine, etc., then you’ll need to get more rigorous.

How To Clean A Dog Bed With Stains Or Urine

Routine cleans are just for your dog’s well-being. However, some instances will force you to clean a dog's bed regardless of how long it’s been since you last cleaned it. We’re talking about stains or urine, naturally. Sometimes, these stains might even remain even after the dog beds have been washed. Ultimately, this just means more aggressive measures need to be taken.

Mild Stains

Mild stains on your dog bed often just need a little extra attention. Unfortunately, they likely didn’t get enough attention during the washing process in the spots where it mattered. A stain can be caused by anything, dirt, mud, some blood, etc. What you need to do is take some pet-friendly cleaning detergent and spot clean the affected areas.

You’re going to need a brush or towel to work that detergent deep into the stain. Then move it in small circular motions. Once the stains have been lifted, you’ll need to continue to wash the bed as standard.

Aggressive Stains

More aggressive stains such as urine or feces will put up more of a fight. What you might need to use is an enzyme cleaner. This is because they’re better at attaching to organic matter. As a result, they help break down these stains at the root.

When using enzyme cleaners, please read the labelling beforehand to ensure you’re using it correctly. Also, avoid products that feature vinegar, as these might negate the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Finally, regardless of the stain's aggressiveness, always avoid using products with harmful chemicals, as this will negatively affect your dog's health.

Tips On Keeping a Pet Bed Clean

In a perfect world, things would never get dirty in the first place. But, sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world. However, there are ways to regularly keep a pet bed clean that can reduce the immediate need for cleaning.

Dog beds usually have to be washed every two weeks. This is how you maintain the utmost cleanliness for your dog's safety. In the meantime, you can do the following:

1. Vacuum the bed regularly.

2. Wash your dog's paws after they’ve come in from playing outside.

3. Buy waterproof covers for the pet's beds.

4. Have the bed in direct sunlight for a little bit every day to kill bacteria.

5. To prevent fleas, wash in a 1:1 mix of apple cider vinegar and water.


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