ASICS Noosa - The Ultimate Kicks for Your Little Ones

The ASICS Kids’ range is all about comfort and durability - on and off the field

Choosing the right footwear for your kids is crucial for their health. Having fully supported and cushioned shoes will improve their posture and reduce injury, from the field to the classroom and everywhere in between.

ASICS have created the Gel-Noosa range specifically for your precious little ones. When choosing the right sports shoe for your kids, comfort and durability is the way to go. Choose something that's going to be cushioned yet tough, so your kids can make the most of their day. These ASICS runners are not only durable but come in a range of different colours that your kids will absolutely love.

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Noosa TS kids

Growing is an important factor of childhood and making sure that your child's foot is supported will improve many things, such as posture and stance. Children begin to walk anywhere between 8 to 18 months of age so it's important to invest in a supportable yet stylish pair. The Noosa Toddler shoe is a cute little way to accessorise with your little one, providing them with all the support and cushioning they need so that their feet are well supported. It features seamless upper construction to reduce forefoot irritation, allowing your little toddlers to running around all day without any worries in the world!

Noosa PS:

Choosing the right footwear for preschool is crucial! You need something that’s durable and something that will last after those long days in the sandpit playing chasey. The noosa preschool shoe provides your little ones with cushioning and support all day long due to the stitch toe cap and rearfoot GEL cushioning. This shoe features a seamless upper construction designed to reduce foot irritation, which also allows the heel to grip on and off quite easily- perfect for when you’re rushing to get the kids in the car!

ASICS Grade School GEL-Noosa Shoe

Children are continuously growing, especially their feet! To support those growing feet, ASICS have created the Gel-Noosa range that are durable and very comfy. These shoes are specifically made to provide durability, cushioning and support for active kids, perfect for the playground. The GEL cushioning system avoids kids getting foot irritation and reduces harsh impacts, especially when running on basketball courts or netball courts!

Whether on the court, on the field or anywhere in between, ASICS offers the very best in kids shoes for all ages. When it comes to kids shoes, there’s no need to compromise on quality, durability and comfort. Your little athletes deserve the best, and ASICS provides just that.

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