Cooling Dog Beds

As dog owners, we know how quickly our pooch becomes a loving family member and how rewarding being a dog owner can be.

Like us, dogs appreciate comfort. Rest and sleep are an important part of a dog’s life, and dogs sleep anywhere from 12 to 18 hours a day, depending on their age. At times, your dog might snuggle with you, but dogs also need a bed of their own. This also gives them their own dedicated place to relax and chill out when you’re not around.

Our dogs are sensitive to the heat just as we are and can also suffer from dehydration, exhaustion, and heatstroke. Unlike us, however, dogs don’t sweat through their skin. Dogs sweat to a small degree through their paws, but predominantly they pant to release excess heat in their bodies. Panting isn’t always highly effective on hot summer days, however, and your dog may suffer.

You may have noticed that on warmer days or when your dog has been playing or running, he may choose to lie on a cool surface such as tiles or a concrete floor.

A great way to care for your canine friend, particularly in warmer weather, is with a cooling dog bed, which is designed to lower your pooch’s body temperature, avoid overheating, and keep your pal cooler for longer.

These summer dog beds are a great investment to help your dog cool down from the heat, especially if your mate has thick fur. Cooling dog mats are also great after your dog has warmed up from a long run, walk, ball throwing session, or simply playing in your back yard!

Types of cooling dog beds & how they work

Cooling dog mats, including puppy cooling mats, are available in a range of shapes, styles, prices, sizes, and materials – including canvas, plastic, and polyester.

Gel cooling dog beds contain a substance that is pressure activated, keeping your mate cool by absorbing heat from his body. These gel beds are activated by weight when your dog lies on it, and when your pooch isn’t using his bed, the gel recharges and chills (self-cooling). Of course, ensure you only use a cooling bed filled with non-toxic gel, especially if your dog or puppy is prone to chewing!

For added coolness, cooling pads can be frozen or placed in the fridge. If used in direct sunlight, gel cooling dog beds may absorb heat and not work as well, so placing them in the shade may be best.

Other cooling dog beds use cold water that absorbs and then redistributes your dog’s body heat. For this type of summer dog bed, ensure you buy one made of durable, scratch-resistant material to avoid leaks or punctures. If your dog is prone to chewing, even chewing on a cooling dog bed filled with water can be an issue, so make sure you keep a watchful eye and don’t leave him unattended with a water filled bed.

Cooling dog beds that you fill with cold water are often the most affordable option and are generally safe.

Elevated cooling dog beds are made from mesh and raise your dog off the floor, allowing air to circulate more easily and cooling your dog’s body from below.

If your older dog suffers joint pain, a cooling orthopaedic dog bed that provides added orthopaedic support might be the way to go.

Cooling beds you insert with ice packs are another option. Obviously, the ice packs need to be frozen beforehand, and the bed will be icy cold (which your dog may or may not appreciate!)

Different cooling beds have different qualities and specifications, but you could generally expect your mate’s bed to stay cool for three to four hours.

Benefits of cooling dog beds

The best cooling dog beds can provide a host of benefits to your four-legged friend, including:

• Keeping your dog cool and comfortable and preventing him from overheating, which can cause dangerous health hazards such as heat stroke.

• Beneficial for older dogs, offering cooling mattresses with orthopaedic support.

• Reducing shedding, which may be prominent in the warmer months. A cool, comfortable, designated space for your dog may keep shedding restricted to one place.

• Cleanliness – cooling dog beds offer a clean, comfortable surface, reducing exposure to dirt and germs.

Choosing the best cooling dog bed can be overwhelming. For a puppy, you might look specifically for a smaller, sturdier, safe, non-toxic puppy cooling mat, while a cooling orthopaedic dog bed might be ideal for your senior dog with joint issues. Also, look for a cooling dog bed that’s easy to clean.

Encouraging your dog or puppy to use a cooling dog bed

At first, your dog or puppy may shy away from his new cooling dog bed until he realises how fantastic it is! If this is the case, try putting a food treat or your dog’s favourite toy or ball on the bed. Even sit or lie on the bed with them! Praise them when they use the bed. It probably won’t take too long for your dog or puppy to realise their new cooling dog bed is great at helping them cool down in the heat.

With that in mind, dogs are unique and have their own personalities. While some dogs might relish the opportunity to keep cool and comfortable with a cooling dog bed, other dogs may show no interest whatsoever.

Cooling dog beds are a popular option among pet owners and provide your mate with a place of their own to cool off faster than a traditional bed that retains body heat, giving a sense of security and comfort.

These beds give dogs a soft surface to lean and rest their heads and are particularly great for large dogs and dogs who feel calmer when they can curl up or have something soft and supportive to lean against.

Summer dog beds are usually lightweight and portable, so they’re really great if you’re travelling or going on an outing with your dog.

Also, as long as your dog isn’t prone to chewing on his cooling dog bed, he may really appreciate using it at night to help him fall asleep and stay asleep in comfort.

So to give your puppy or dog all the comfort it deserves, especially in warmer weather, a cooling summer dog bed could be just the ticket for them to sleep or rest.

As an added bonus – cooling dog mats are safe for humans – so try sharing it with man’s best friend (or just use it for yourself!)

Popular Questions Asked

What is the best cooling bed for a dog?

Having a cooling dog bed during the summer has its benefits. The best cooling dog beds for your pooch benefits your dog in so many ways. Most dogs have that extra layer of fur and can overheat on those extremely hot days so having a cooling dog bed can prevent dogs from causing your dog from overheating, or dangerous health conditions such as heat stroke. It’s also beneficial for older dogs, as most cooling mats has orthopaedic support.

Do cooling mats work for dogs?

Yes yes a million times yes! They keep your dog cool and comfortable and work to prevent them from overheating. They also reduce shedding, which is prominent in the warmer months.

How can I keep my dogs bed cold?

Different cooling beds have different ways of keeping cool. Some cooling beds contain a substance that is pressure activated where the gel beads are activated by weight when your dog lie on it. The gel then recharges and chills when they aren’t using it. Other dog beds use cold water that absorbs then redistributes your dog’s body heat.

Are pet cooling pads worth it?

If your dog is an outside dog, then yes, they are definitely worth it. They are proven to prevent dogs from having serious medical conditions from extreme heat such as overheating and heat stroke.