Heated Pet Beds: Keep Your Pet’s Warmer This Winter

Do you have a furry friend that needs a little extra warmth this winter? Heated pet beds are designed to keep your pet’s warm during the colder months. They can provide many benefits, including joint relief, faster healing times for sick or injured animals, and even keeping puppies warm.

With a variety of sizes and materials available, finding the perfect heated pet bed for your dog is easy. All you need to do is plug it in and let your furry friend enjoy the warmth!

Dogs and cats are often considered members of the family, and just like any other family member, they need to be kept warm during the colder winter months. Heated pet beds can provide your pet with the warmth they need to stay healthy and comfortable during this time of year.

Types of Heated Pet Beds

There are a variety of heated pet beds on the market, so finding one that meets your pet's needs should not be difficult. If you have a small dog, there are heated pet beds designed specifically for them. For larger dogs, there are also a number of different options available.

In addition to size, you will also want to consider the type of material the bed is made from. Some heated pet beds are made from water-resistant materials, which can be helpful if your dog tends to have accidents. Some will need access to electricity to operate while others are self warming.

- Hide sided pet beds

- Orthopaedic Heated beds (memory foam)

- Thermal self warming beds & pads

- Heated Cat domes

- Heating pads to add to existing beds

- Microwave heat pad bed warmer

How Heated Pet Beds Work

Different beds have different requirements. There is a heated pet bed out there to suit every pet's needs.

Plug In Pet Warming Beds

Heated hide sided pet beds and memory foam mats are a popular choice when it comes to heated dog beds. They are perfect for cooler climates or cold winters. They do require a power source to be nearby to plug into and use a thermostat to keep your dog comfortable and warm. When your pet is not on the bed the heat will dissipate into the air. The beds will usually warm to a toasty 33-35c so as not to make you pooch or pet too hot. The idea is to make a warm place for your pet to snuggle and increase their comfort by keeping them warmer than the temperature around them.

Dogs love a high walled comfy place to curl up and sleep when it is cold. Having a heated pet bed for your pets provides this comfort during colder weather. Chew resistant cords and beds are available in case your dog is a chewer.

Thermal Self Warming Beds and Pads

Thermal self warming beds are a great option as they retain your pets’ body heat to keep them warm and comfortable. The material reflects back the animals own body heat and helps them to stay warmer as their body temperature increases.

They don't require any electricity or battery source and can be placed anywhere your pet likes to sleep. These are a great option to travel with or go camping as they dont require a power source. By using your pets own body heat to reflect back warmth you know your fur baby will be comfortable all year round.

Heating Pads to Add to Existing Beds

Adding a heat pad to your pets favourite bed or place to sleep is a great idea for winter months, if they are recovering from illness or injury or just need extra warmth to soothe ageing joints and bones. They come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit your pets pre existing sleep area. They are a great addition for cooler months and can easily be packed up for the warmer months.

You can get heating pads that need an electrical source for heating or use a thermal or microwavable option. With a thermostat heating pad you will be able to adjust the temperature to suit your pets needs.

Microwave Heat Pads

With just a few minutes in the microwave you can have a heat pad that lasts up to 12hrs for your pet. These microwaveable heat pads are great for cold nights when your pet needs that extra warmth. With a soft plush feel your pet will happily curl up with their bed warmer.

You simply heat the pad in the microwave until soft and squishy, usually about 4-5minutes. Then place it into your pet's bed. They are a good electricity free pet bed warmer that only needs a microwave to heat it up. They are chew resistant and great for when you are travelling.

Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter

Heated pet beds are a great way to keep your pets warm during the winter months, illness or for senior pets. Not only will they be more comfortable, but you can also rest assured knowing that you are helping them stay healthy and comfortable. With the variety of options available there is one to suit your pets needs and your budget.

If you don't have a heated pet bed for your dog or cat yet, what are you waiting for? Investing in one of these beds is a great way to ensure that your furry friend stays happy and healthy all winter long.

And there you have it, no more worrying about your pet being cold this winter!

Popular Questions Asked

How can i keep my pet warm this winter?

Is your furry friend an outside dog and needs to keep warm? Heated pet beds are designed to keep your pet’s toasty during the freezing winter cold. Heated dog beds provide your dog with so many benefits including joint relief, faster healing times when your little pooch is sick or injured and of course, its main reason – to keep your pets warm.

Should i get a heated pet bed?

It has its benefits, especially if your pet doesn’t have as much fur. There are different types of heated pet beds such as hide sided pet beds, orthopaedic heated pet beds, thermal self-warming beds and pads, heated cat domes, heated pads to add existing beds and a microwave heat pad bed warmer.

Are heating pads good for pets?

Heating pads add that extra warmth to your pet’s bed or place to sleep. It’s such a great idea for those winter months, especially if your pet is outside. Heating pads are also great for recovering from illness or injury as they soothe any pain in the joints and bones, and you can adjust the temperature to suit your pet’s needs.

Do self heated cat beds work?

They are a great option, as they retain your pets body heat to keep warm. The material reflects back the animals own body heat and helps them stay warmer as their body temperature increases.