How to Make a Home Gym for Under $100

Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships, sweaty locker rooms and treadmill hogs. Now you can master your own progress and take control of your fitness, all in the comfort of your own home.

We'll show you how you can easily build the perfect home gym setup that's versatile, super dynamic and most of all, totally inexpensive. All you need is a small space, your favourite tunes on full blast, and the motivation to win.

This complete home gym setup will only set you back a mere $100 - saving you crazy amounts of money in the long run. There's no need to commit to an expensive gym anymore - Check out our list of the best home gym equipment on a budget and get fit and strong your way today.

Everlast Basic Jump Rope - $8.88

An absolute must-have for your home gym setup and an iconic piece of fitness equipment for boxers and cheerleaders alike, this super simple cardio rope is the perfect tool to get your heart rate up, tone your arms and burn some serious fat. A 20-minute session of jumping rope can burn up to 200 calories and develops your coordination and dexterity. If you need a break from the treadmill or outdoor running, a jump rope is the perfect substitute that can really ramp up your cardio.

PharMeDoc Ab Roller - $14.99

Sculpt those abs and strengthen your midsection with this practical ab roller. Great for roll-outs, leg roll-ins, planks, stretches and so much more, this little beauty is a highly versatile piece of gym gear. With ergonomically shaped handles and super grippy wheels, this ab blaster is safe to use and easy to get acquainted with. Take a break from those boring sit-ups and attack your whole midsection and upper body with this simple roller.

Dumbbell Weights Set 12kg - $14.95

The hallmark of every great gym and home gym setup alike - the dumbbell. A set of dumbbells is probably the most versatile piece of gym kit you can get. Whether you're into isolation exercises for that bodybuilder regimen or pushing through those compound lifts for total-body strength, you can do it all with a set of dumbbells. From bicep curls to lunges, squats, thrusters, skull crushers and so much more, your choice of movements with dumbbells are truly endless.

Everlast Core Strength Ball - $29.99

Balance and core strength are some of the most important traits of any athlete. This practical exercise ball lets you stretch in dynamic ways and strengthen your core with safe, fun movements that you can do anywhere. Not just a great tool for a full body balance workout, this exercise ball is perfect for developing those problem areas and weak points in your body. Practise squats by slowly sitting on the ball behind you, and get a little extra help by resting your feet on it while practising push ups - you'll be able to fix those problem movements in no time with this super soft strength ball.

DKettlebell 6kg - $19.99

Swing your way to athletic prowess with a kettlebell! Perfect for full body circuit training and developing your balance, these uniquely built weights are made for swinging. Developing great shoulder, back and core strength, kettlebell swings are a perfect addition to any circuit workout. What's more, if you're looking to hit those biceps from all angles, you can hammer curl your kettlebell by holding it from each side of the handle. With that same grip - why not hit the floor and smash out some goblet squats while you're at it? With your own kettlebell, you'll be on your way to an athletic physique in no time.

WJS Resistance Band - $9.99

Blast out some curls, shoulder presses, overhead squats - anything you can think of, with a quality resistance band. These bands make curling and arm work super easy - all you have to do is stand on the middle of the band, grab the handles and pull. These bands can beautifully develop your 'eccentric' muscle movement (the releasing part of a lift) for a physique that's as strong as it is lean. Most importantly, these bands provide the perfect way to warm up your muscles and can be a safe alternative for those of us with nagging shoulder injuries.

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