How to Use Fragrances to Make Your Home Smell Incredible

Everyone wants their home to smell amazing all the time. Walking into a room with that fresh smell makes the space more inviting and warm. It’s not that hard to make your home smell amazing with some fragrances. In this article, we will show you how you can use fragrances to make your home smell incredible. Let’s get started!

Ideas For How You Can Use Fragrances To Make Your Home Smell Incredible

Here are some of the best ideas of how you can make your home smell amazing with fragrances:


The easiest way to make your home smell amazing with a stunning fragrance is through scented candles. This is by far the easiest and most obvious way to achieve a nice smelling home. There are so many options when it comes to scented candles, and the smells venture the entire fragrance wheel from floral to fresh with all the in-between fragrances. Candles can be dangerous if placed in inappropriate places and left unattended, so make sure they’re out of reach of flammable materials. Some of the best scented candles are driftwood, seagrass, citrus, and mist.

Linen Spray

Linen sprays are great for adding that extra touch to your home. When making the bed, spray a bit of linen spray on the sheets and on top of the duvet with the fan on to distribute the smell around your room. You can use linen spray on any fabric surface in your home, like your couch, cushions, bedding, etc. The scents you choose can have beneficial effects in your everyday life, such as lavender's calming effects, peppermint's therapeutics, or the skin-loving geranium. It promotes a healthy night's sleep and makes every room more pleasant.

Essential Oils

If you’re looking for a more natural approach, you should definitely consider essential oils. Essential oils are created through an extraction process that removes the essence of plants like sage, lavender, geranium, and chamomile, just to name a few. The benefits of essential oils extend far beyond the pleasant smells they create. Some essential oils have properties that can aid you with sleeping, reducing anxiety, and even making you feel more energised. If you’ve got something you’re looking to improve in your life, then research essential oils to see if there’s a potential natural remedy.

Oil Diffuser

If you’re planning on using essential oils, you’re definitely going to want to purchase a diffuser. Oil diffusers are easy to use and are great for distributing essential oils around your home to create a pleasant far-reaching aroma. First, you need to fill the reservoir up with water, add in a few drops of your essential oils, put the lid on, and turn on your diffuser. The diffuser then produces a light scented mist and distributes it until the water runs out.

Alternatively, you can use oil diffuser sticks. This process requires you to place reeds in a bottle or vase with essential oils. The reeds absorb the essence, and once they’re saturated, you’ll simply flip them over and allow the scents to be released.


Using incense is one of the oldest methods of disturbing pleasant fragrances around a home. Incense is usually made with plant materials and then burned, creating a smoky aroma which can be one of many kinds of scents. They’re easy to use but should be done with an incense holder as the ash can make a bit of a mess.


A fan-favourite is potpourri. This is commonly used in the bathroom that has a strong fragrance with a wide-reaching radius of effect. Potpourri is a mixture of dried plants, flower petals, and spices that’s been around for centuries and dates back to ancient times. You can make potpourri a design choice that makes it look good while providing an aromatic benefit. Even better, it lasts for years and is incredibly easy to find in most stores. However, you can also dry and make your own if you’re up to the challenge.


Eucalyptus might sound like a bizarre method of promoting fragrance in your home to improve the overall smell. Still, eucalyptus in the shower is a brilliant method. All you need to do is take some eucalyptus and hang it to your showerhead. Then, when you start showering with eucalyptus on the showerhead, you’ll begin to notice how much it improves your showering experience. It is not only invigorating, but it’s also tranquil, and the natural oils are activated thanks to the steam of the shower. This activation ignites your sense of smell and opens you up to the spa-like fragrance that is eucalyptus.

Cedar Mothballs

Moths can be a true nuisance, and keeping them away is always the number one priority. With cedar mothballs, you can place them in your closet and keep away these fabric-feeding pests thanks to the natural oils in the heartwood. It repels moths and ensures that no larva will survive. Beyond moths, they also absorb moisture which in turn prevents mould. Finally, the smell of red cedar is such a mesmerising scent that it’s going to radiate from your closet, and that’s part of the charm.


These are only some of the ways you can use fragrances to make your home smell incredible. If you’re looking to take one of these ideas and run with it, be sure to check our online store to get you started. When it comes to fragrances, Catch has you covered! We’ve got an expansive range of fragrance related products like candles, essential oils, and so much more. So check it out and see what can work for you and your home.

Popular Questions Asked

How can i make my home smell good with scent?

If you are wondering how to make your home smell good with a scent, then here is your answer. There are so many ways you can make your home smell so nice. You can invest in a diffuser, where you can add any essential oils in, or buy a diffuser with sticks. You can also invest in a candle and burn it off whenever you like. Or the old, boil some water, add some lemon and orange with some cinnamon and you’ll have your home smelling like William and Sonoma.

How can i make my house smell rich?

If you are wanting your home to smell like a luxury hotel, then you should explore scents like citrus, spices, wood, invest in some candles and diffusers as well as some really good smelling soap and lotion.