Six Gym Bag Essentials For Fitness Fanatics

If you’re serious about getting fit, you’ll need the right gym gear. Simple as that.

Don't be the newbie that brings nothing but an iPod to the gym - keep your workout etiquette on par and be well equipped with your very own gym kit

You'll get the most out of your workouts with a few little things that really make a difference to your session.

Check 'em out...

Sting 58L Cruiser Holdall Bag

Let’s start with the basics: the gym bag. Made with double coated rubber base for durability and protection, this Sting gym bag is the perfect lightweight carrier for all your workout essentials. It boasts a massive 58L capacity with dual carry points - making it super easy to transport. This bag features heavy duty zippers and is made with unique water-wicking construction that’s perfect for post-gym freshness.

Sting 58L Cruiser Holdall

Lifespan Fitness EVA Foam Roller

Stretching and warming up are highly underrated, but so important to your training. The Lifespan Fitness Foam Roller is an essential piece of gym gear to help not only loosen you up pre-workout, but to help you recover too. Foam rollers benefit the body through myofascial release - this happens when you massage the muscle with the help of your own bodyweight. Keeping your blood flowing optimally and loosening you up for intense workouts, a foam roller is a super smart choice for lifters, runners and general fitness fanatics alike. A perfect exercise tool for yoga and pilates too, this foam roller has multiple groove patterns to let you vary your rolling intensity.

Lifespan Fitness 60x15cm EVA Foam Roller

BBBYO Future Bottle

There’s always that one Scrooge. The guy/girl that just can’t get into the Christmas spirit...

The perfect gift for the Scrooge at home or the office, the Bah Humbug Plush Black Santa Hat from Christmas Shop comes in a cute black colour with ‘Bah Humbug’ embroidered on the front. This plush Santa hat comes in a size that fits all and will make even the Scrooge’s smile on Christmas. It’s still Christmas cheer if you ask us....

BBBYO Future Bottle & Carry Cover 750mL

Allsop 5.7-Inch ClickGo Belt

The last place you want to lose your phone is at the gym. The Allsop fitness essentials range includes its ClickGo Belt that accommodates your smartphone in a weather-resistant pouch, and has enough room to store other important items like keys, credit cards and cash. Perfect for runners, lifters and everyone else, the Allsop ClickGo Belt is a must-have for gym fanatics and casual exercisers alike. Our favourite feature has to be the clear viewing window in the pouch that gives you access to your smartphone’s screen - whenever you need it. No more clamouring around clumsily to reach your phone to take a call or change a song.

Allsop 5.7-Inch ClickGo Belt

Sting Microfibre Exercise Towel

Unless you spend your gym time sitting at the cafe, you’ll likely work up a sweat. One of the most common gym accessories that most of us forget to bring to the gym is an exercise towel. A requirement for most gyms, you need one to not just keep yourself dry, but to wipe down your equipment after use. Nobody wants to be that person who leaves gym equipment covered in sweat...

Sting’s Microfibre Exercise Towel is our favourite pick, since its quick-drying antibacterial construction lets you dry off quickly and efficiently. With futuristic design including a secure zip pocket to store valuables, this really is the ultimate gym towel.

Sting Microfibre Exercise Towel

Everlast Weight Training Hand Grips

Weight training is arguably one of the best ways to get in shape, but it can definitely take a toll on your hands. For some great palm protection and next-level grip for heavy lifting, Everlast Hand Grips are the perfect pick. These weight training hand grips are made with thick neoprene construction and EverGrip palm lining. No more dangerous slips and no more nasty blisters - these lifting grips let you make the most out of your weight workouts for some serious strength gains.

Everlast Weight Training Hand Grips

Don’t let your gym goals get slashed just ‘cause you don’t have the right equipment. Check out all of these exercise essentials and the best gym kits 100% online and delivered right to your door.

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