The Worst Things to Buy on Black Friday

While there are many amazing specials out there on Black Friday, that doesn’t mean every single one of them should be acted on. Some specials seem great, but they’re not worth your time or energy. Usually, it’s easy to see what is an excellent item to purchase and which ones aren’t. We’re going to take a look at the items you need to ignore this Black Friday and every Black Friday after that. Let’s get started!


While there are going to be a ton of clothing specials on Black Friday, they’re usually not worth considering. The reasons why include the fact that, for starters, they’re not across the board. Clothing specials are usually very specific in what they’re offering, and they manage to exclude large amounts of options. You’ll spend more time considering what clothes to get than you will any other product in the stores. It’s a time waster that goes on special all the time outside of Black Friday.

Cheap 4K TVs

Be extremely careful when it comes to TVs and Black Friday. Why? Because retailers use aggressive tactics that involve TVs to get you through their doors. They often use low-quality products to lure you in, and wasting your time on them can cost you in other places. For starters, they keep these products upfront. Still, more importantly, they’re not the best models and often, they need replacing after a few years. So just avoid these in general. They’re not worth the time or energy.

Latest Gaming Systems

The latest gaming systems aren’t easy to find, and as a result, you most likely won’t find many on sale come Black Friday. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but the deals will be minimal and modest at best. This isn’t something you want to be hunting this or any Black Friday. Instead, look for previous generation consoles as they’ll be far cheaper and still great models.


This is something to avoid unless it’s truly necessary. Furniture sales during Black Friday can be very underwhelming. On top of that, they take a large portion of your budget away from other things you could be buying instead. This isn’t something you want to focus on unless the need arises in the form of replacing old and broken furniture or getting something you’ve needed for a long time.


Makeup specials aren’t easy to come by during Black Friday unless you’re looking at department store makeup. In that case, stop looking at department store makeup. Why? You have to spend a lot of money to reap any rewards, and that’s assuming there are even rewards to receive. Most of these stores offer gift vouchers if you spend x amount of money, and that amount can be far higher than necessary. Don’t overload on makeup as it doesn’t last forever, and you don’t want to be caught with more than you need.


Don’t waste any energy on getting books on Black Friday. No bookstore, be it brick-and-mortar, online, or online marketplaces, offer great Black Friday specials on literature. Instead, you’d be better served to get in on a special that happens outside of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season. Most stores during this time offer really modest discounts for future purchases, and these aren’t really worth it in the long run.


Food specials exist regardless of Black Friday, and sometimes they’re far better outside of this specials weekend. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are geared more towards non-consumable items like appliances, electronics, etc. You’ll be wasting your time on this, considering most grocery stores don’t engage in Black Friday sales.

Vitamins & Supplements

Overall, these products can be rather pricey. Black Friday doesn’t mean they’re going to be heavily discounted. If you’re working on tight budgets, don’t bother with these kinds of specials. They don’t yield many rewards.

Everyday Items

This might sound weird, but the logic behind it is sound. The reason why you want to completely avoid everyday items during Black Friday is that they’re not usually placed on special occasions. Why? Because they’re products, people buy them every day. They don’t need to move these items because they move themselves. So if you’re hoping to get specials on these items, you’re going to be extremely disappointed.


This is a 50/50. On the one hand, they are discounted. But, on the other hand, they're discounted the closer it gets to Christmas. The caveat of this is that sometimes supply is limited during the holiday season. So, honestly speaking, we’re not 100% sure these are a good use of time, energy, and budget. However, you’re entitled to your own opinion and can take this advice with a grain of salt.

The Latest Phone

Phones are another target not worth the effort. Most retailers only offer additional items with the latest phones on the market, and they’re not worth spending excessive amounts of money on. If you’re 100% willing and able to make these purchases, by all means, go for it. But overall, they’re simply not worth it. You don’t get discounted phones. Instead, you just get add-on items that often don’t make much impact.


Black Friday isn’t the time for jewellery, it’s January you want to wait for! Holding out for the new year is wise as it’s when the discounts on jewellery begin popping up. You might have been planning, maybe even hoping, to get something nice and shiny this Black Friday, but avoid all shiny items and just wait a bit longer. It will all be worth it.


Now that you know what to buy, you’ve got a better idea of what is on the table. Black Friday is an event that should be prepared for. Our suggestion? Head on over to Catch marketplace, set up your account and start creating wish lists of products you need and want to get this Black Friday. Make sure you’re doing the necessary research and making the best possible decisions on products you want to get at a discount.

We’ll be ready to bring the specials. Are you going to be ready to get the deals while they’re hot?