Top 10 Products Men Should Be Looking For This Black Friday

With Black Friday approaching, men are probably perplexed about what to do and how to shop this coming specials season. There are so many products, so little time. So, what do you gear your attention towards? Well, Catch has your back, and that’s why we’re going to share the ten products men should be looking for this Black Friday.

Let’s get started so you know what departments to consider this coming Black Friday


Getting a new pair of shoes is an amazing feeling. We often stick with shoes for as long as possible but struggle to accept that sometimes we need to move on. This Black Friday, shop around for new thong shoes, sandals, comfort shoes, casual sneakers, dress shoes, boots, uggs, slippers, and sports shoes. No matter what you need, get prepared to buy some form of footwear this Black Friday. New shoes are always a great purchase.


Watches have become a silent yet powerful fashion statement. It means something, more than ever, to have a classic analogue watch on your wrist, and that’s why we recommend checking out our wide range of classic watches. You’ll find amazing watches from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Casio, Citizen, and many others. If you’re looking for something more fitness and digital based, we’ve got you covered! From casual to luxury, Catch has what you need and more.


A cool pair of shades goes a long way! This Black Friday, invest in your sunglasses game to get some of the best shades in your friend group. You can potentially see deals on some of the biggest sunglasses brands like Ray-Ban, Tommy Hilfiger, Oakley, Prada, Nike, and many others. We’re well stocked on amazing sunglass brands to suit all needs. Who knows what will end up enjoying heavy discounts come Black Friday 2022!


It’s time to reinvest in some quality colognes to ensure you’re always smelling your best! Catch has one of the largest selections of fragrances in Australia, and there’s something for everyone. We can’t disclose if they’ll be big players in the Black Friday specials madness, but it doesn’t hurt to shop around and prepare to get them in case they are. Start selecting some of your favourite colognes from legendary brands like Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Versace, and so many others.


Is it a necessary purchase? Probably not. Is it an excellent purchase? Absolutely! This Black Friday, finally get the item you’ve long dreamed of owning, a Drone! We’ve got the latest and greatest models from some of the best drone brands around. We’re talking about brands like DJI, JJRC, Deerc, and more. From drones to cameras, blades, batteries, cases, and more. We’re ready to give you everything you need to start your drone kit. Will they be discounted this Black Friday? Only time will tell!

Workout Gear

So many people love working out. So this Black Friday, why not get your workout gear in order and get some athletic wear, footwear, and swimwear to get yourself ready for heavy workout sessions? Catch has all the major brands ready at your disposal, like Nike, Adidas, Rebook, and countless others. You’ll be able to get kitted up in no time.

If the athletic wear isn’t enough, what about athletic accessories like training bags, bottles, socks, hats, and towels? We’ve got everything you need and more right here on Catch.

Camping Equipment

Are you a man who loves the great outdoors? Looking for an excuse to take the family out into the wilderness? Well, what about some new camping equipment? That will get the family out into the wild fast. Catch marketplace has a wide selection of camping equipment. We’ve got tents, camp furniture, backpacks, sleeping bags, torches, footwear, apparel, camping toilets and showers, camp cooking, and power and cooling. You’ll have everything you need for a great trip in the even greater outdoors.

BBQ Necessities

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? You’ve probably been thinking about upgrading your BBQ setup for a while now, and Black Friday is the time to turn dreams into reality. You want to start looking for a new BBQ, some great accessories, BBQ tools, BBQ cleaning equipment, and even some awesome picnic supplies to complete the entire package. You’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood, and with potential Black Friday savings, it won’t break the bank.

Gaming Gear

Gaming anything is always a bit of a toss-up. Consoles might be on special, but it probably won’t be drastic. If you look for previous generation consoles, you’ll definitely come across a great special. But beyond the consols, there are games, accessories, VR and gaming headsets, and other items where you could definitely score big. Need a new controller? Now’s the time! This is just one small slither of what you might find when it comes to shopping for gaming deals on Black Friday.

Car Accessories

You’re probably a man of great tastes in vehicles, and you likely take great pride in your car. So why not spoil yourself and your vehicle this Black Friday with some great car accessories? Now, more than ever, some of these measures are well worth investing in. Things like car safety, dash cams, alarm systems, GPS navigators, car radios, and monitors are great additions that might just experience a price reduction come Black Friday 2022.


There we go, men. Don’t despair. We know you’re not the best shoppers, but at least this acts as a guideline so you can make some good shopping decisions this Black Friday! These are just ten examples of what you should look for on this incredible day of specials. But, of course, that doesn’t mean it’s all you should be looking for!

We here at Catch are gearing up for a fantastic Black Friday 2022. We are so excited to bring some of the best specials in Australia for men and women! So get your account up and running today and start working on those wishlists so you’re ready for the big day.