Why is a Good Dog Bed Important?

Owning a dog is great fun and an important responsibility. Your dog is a loving member of your family.

Like us, dogs appreciate sleep, comfort, and a place of their own to relax. What is more rejuvenating than a great sleep on your own comfortable bed? Dogs also sleep A LOT – from 12 to 18 hours a day, depending on their health, age, exercise levels, breed, and personality. These are just some of the reasons why a good dog bed is important.

A good dog bed for your four-legged friend should be durable, comfortable, offer security, be the right size for your dog, support his entire body, and cater to your dog’s unique personality and needs.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with choice when looking for a good dog bed. Here are a few things to look for and reasons why a good dog bed is important.


Older dogs in particular may suffer from issues such as muscle and joint pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. A supportive, orthopaedic dog bed helps support and cushion your dog’s body, providing optimum comfort levels and helping to relieve pain.

Your dog will thank you for his comfortable, supportive, appropriately-sized dog bed to call his own, both for a great sleep at night and for napping and relaxing during the day.

Quality Sleep

We all know what a difference a good night’s sleep makes and that sleep deprivation can negatively affect our health and mindset. Just like humans, dogs need quality sleep to remain happy and healthy. Research has even shown that a great sleep can make your dog smarter, improve his memory, and equip him with more energy.

Larger breeds and older dogs often need more sleep than smaller and/or younger dogs. A good dog bed will encourage your pal to get to sleep and stay asleep during the night.

A Place to Relax

A good dog bed provides man’s best friend with not only a comforting place to sleep at night but also a place to relax during the day. Dogs also need to be able to stretch out in their bed.

Your dog will appreciate his own oasis to relax, both when you’re not at home and to spend some time away from his human family and any other pets you have in his own special place.

A Bed of his Own

Having your dog sleep with you is not for everyone! It can disturb your sleep and you may wake up with aching joints from sharing the bed and sleeping in unusual positions!

Whether it’s an inside or outside bed, giving your dog his own bed encourages him to sleep independently from you and have his own special place to relax.

Make sure you choose an appropriately sized dog bed so your pal can stretch out on his side, curl up, and lie flat on his bed without hanging over the edge. For a good fit, measure your dog from nose to tail and check the recommended size guidelines on the bed.

An outdoor raised bed may suit your large or mid-sized dog, whereas a nesting, doughnut, or snuggle bed may be more suitable for a smaller dog.

With a bed of his own, your dog will sleep comfortably and be rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep.

Beds for Puppies

Just like babies and toddlers, puppies like to feel secure. A good, supportive, cosy dog bed that cushions your puppy’s body will provide comfort and encourage him to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Easy to Clean

Whether your dog’s bed is inside, outside, or both, a good dog bed should be easy to clean. Dogs can shed hair, and attract fleas and dirt, so finding a dog bed with a washable, removable cover will help keep your home, your environment, and your dog’s oasis clean, germ-free, and hygienic. An easy to clean bed will also keep doggy aromas at bay! Older dogs may also suffer from incontinence, so an easy to clean dog bed is crucial for cleanliness and comfort.

Having a fresh, clean place to rest and sleep is important, and you’ll make it easier on yourself if your dog’s bed is easy to clean.


If your dog suffers from stress or anxiety, a good, calming dog bed can be helpful in making a positive impact on their life. Calming dog beds offer a sense of security and may help to ease stress and anxiousness in dogs. There is a range of good quality calming dog beds available, including beds with orthopaedic padding (to relieve joint pain and promote calm), self-heating, beds with raised edges to support your dog’s body, snuggle or doughnut style beds so your dog can curl up inside, and cave style beds with areas your dog can burrow into.

Cooling Bed

A cooling bed can be great to not only keep your dog’s body temperature in check but can also provide health benefits. Your dog will love his cooling bed when he’s warm after exercising, in the warm summer months, and if he has thick fur.


A sturdy, durable dog bed made of a robust material will last longer, and even if it’s more expensive initially, it will be worth the investment. This is particularly true if your dog is prone to destructive behaviour, including chewing, and for puppies who tend to wreck everything in sight!

Remember, while your dog might snuggle next to you at times, it’s also important for him to have a bed of his own. This also means that when you’re not around or he just wants time alone, he has his own dedicated place to relax and chill out.

If your pal doesn’t fall in love with his bed immediately, try sitting or lying on the bed with them, putting a treat or his favourite toy or ball on the bed, and praising him when he uses the bed.

Owning a dog is both exciting and rewarding, and providing your pal with his own supportive, comfortable bed is an important part of dog ownership – and your mate will love it!

Popular Questions Asked

Why is a dog bed important?

While growing dogs need all the support for their joints that they can get. Dog beds are most definitely good for dogs. They provide a place for your dog to rest and feel comfortable. Unlike the floor, a bed will keep your dog war, support arthritic joints and prevent any calluses on their paws.

Does every dog need a bed?

Yes, It is preferred that they do have a special bed such as an orthopaedic bed as it does aid and support joint and bone growth, as well as support joints in older dogs too. If you are willing to spend the money, then orthopaedic dog beds are the better option.

When should a dog get a dog bed?

A dog should get a bed when they are a puppy, as that’s when development of the joints and bones is crucial. It also gives them a chance to feel safe and comfortable, and easier for them to understand that, that is their home.

Is sleeping in a bed good for dogs?

Dog beds are most definitely good for dogs. They provide a place for your dog to rest and feel comfortable. Unlike the floor, a bed will keep your dog war, support arthritic joints, and prevent any calluses on their paws.