Everything you need to know about Christmas in July

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So How did it start?

And why do we celebrate it?

Let’s find out...

What’s the history of "Christmas in July"

There are plenty of theories online of where the Christmas in July holiday started, some believe it originated from a French opera all the way back in 1892 titled 'Werther', Others say it started back in 1933 at a girls’ camp in North Carolina, A rather wholesome origin is that it began at a baptist church in Philadelphia as a way to gather gifts early enough in the year to ensure they had enough time to distribute to their global missions.

Personally, we like the French opera story. Who says celebrating Christmas in the middle of the year can’t be classy?

What are the Australian origins of Christmas in July?

ts widely believed that the Christmas in July holiday that we know and celebrate to this day originated in the 1980’s in the Blue Mountain region of NSW. Visiting Irish tourists saw the snowfall and it reminded them of the christmases spent back home. Feeling homesick they convinced the owner of the Mountain Heritage Hotel to throw an event called "Yulefest" to celebrate Christmas just how they remembered. Word spread like wildfire and soon all of the Blue Mountain region was joining in!

Why do we celebrate Christmas in July?

The general consensus seems to be, that it’s an attempt to emulate a wintery Christmas that unfortunately we don't get here down-under. Although it’s not just us who celebrates Christmas in July, most of the southern hemisphere joins us in the mid-year Christmas festivities, in particular New Zealand and South Africa.

However, we think it’s because 12 months is way too long to go without a bit of Christmas cheer and if the Americans get to have a white Christmas then we want one too…. Or a grey Christmas, it’s close enough.

What's the best way to celebrate?

With family and friends of course!

Christmas is an awesome time of year which really brings out the best in everyone. Families get together, bond and share moments that we cherish forever, and these moments can't come often enough, so a little bi-annual celebration is the perfect remedy.

So if its time with your loved ones that you're looking for, then Christmas in July is the perfect excuse to throw a traditional christmas dinner and enjoy the company of the ones you cherish the most, and also the perfect excuse to don that new Christmas sweater that's sure to turn a few heads.

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